How Often Should VESDA & VESDA-E Filters be Replaced?


The Importance of Filter Replacements

Filters play an important role in product performance. Whether they are used in household items such as vacuums and water purifiers or in commercial applications such as air conditioning units or fire alarm systems, they all provide a crucial role; removing contaminants. 

Much like in your water filter at home, VESDA and VESDA-E filters stop contaminants from entering parts of the system that need to remain clean. 

In this instance, VESDA and VESDA-E filters remove dust and dirt from the sampled air before it enters the detection chamber. This helps to preserve the detection chamber optics, prolong the life of the detector and reduce false alarms.

VESDA Filter

VESDA replacement filter cartridges are an easy-swap replacement filter for VESDA LaserCOMPACT (VLC), LaserFOCUS (VLF), LaserPLUS (VLP) and LaserSCANNER (VLS) detectors. They provide two-stage filtration, first removing small particles and then ultrafine particles, to provide a clean air barrier for optics protection. 

It is recommended that VESDA filters are replaced at least every two years. VESDA filters are single use only and cannot be cleaned or refurbished.

VESDA filters are available as a single unit or in a pack of twenty.


VESDA filter cartridges are compatible with the following detectors:

Do You Need Filters?

Replacement filters can be purchased via our website. We also offer credit facilities to trade customers. 

VESDA-E Filter

VESDA-E detectors have field replaceable filter cartridges that offer effective filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers to ensure lifetime detector performance. 

VESDA-E filters feature a smart, on-board filter that retains a dust count and remaining filter life for predictable and easy maintenance.


VESDA-E filters are compatible with the following detectors:

Do You Need Filters?

Replacement filters can be purchased via our website. We also offer credit facilities to trade customers. 

When Should the Filter be Replaced?

The frequency in which VESDA and VESDA-E filters should be replaced depends on the type of environment the detectors are used in. In cleaner, Class 1 environments, such as clean rooms, computer rooms or medical facilities, filters may only need replacing once every 60 months. However, in less clean environments such as general office spaces, switch rooms or shopping malls, filters will likely need to be replaced more frequently. In extremely dirty, Class 5 environments such as amusement parks, coal fired power stations and waste treatment facilities, filters will most typically need to be replaced once a year.

It is important to establish the environment class of your protected area before devising a maintenance plan and filter replacement schedule. If you are unsure of how frequently your filter should be replaced, Eurofrye’s team of fire detection specialists can help you to identify your environment class and create a maintenance plan.

Guidelines on Filter Replacement

Before replacing any filter, ensure that the area surrounding the filter is clear of dirt and debris. The old filter can then be removed and replaced with a new one. Once the new filter is in place, the detector needs to be informed that a new filter has been installed.

Filters are intended for single use and cannot be cleaned or reused. It is recommended that, before replacing the filter in your detector, you advise any monitoring authorities that the detector may be offline for a short period.

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