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A Little About Eurofyre

Eurofyre is a global provider of specialist fire detection and associated safety products for commercial and industrial applications. The systems we manufacture, supply and promote are designed to give users time to respond to possible threats before the loss of critical infrastructure, high-value assets, business and, most crucially, life.

Based in the south of the UK, Eurofyre Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2007. Our ambition is to provide the highest possible quality and level of service to all of our customers and we strive to achieve this by providing concise online literature and specific training programs together with excellent pre- and post-sale technical support.

The Complete System Supplier

To meet the demands of today’s fire alarm and life safety requirements, we have positioned ourselves as the “complete system supplier” to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

We supply a wide range of solutions for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications and we provide advice on what product best suits the application from both a practical and cost-effective standpoint.

  • Gas Detection
  • Power Supplies & Batteries
  • Fire Alarm Test Equipment
  • Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Emergency Systems
  • Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Wireless Fire Detection
  • Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms

Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems (ASD)

Since 2007, Eurofyre has represented Xtralis as a major technical wholesaler, initially as the central point of contact for the ICAM range of products and, more recently, for the complete range of all products manufactured by the company.

We provide ASD pipe calculation assistance and product training and operate an on-site technical help service, to a level not available through alternative channels, for all of our customers.

In addition, we work closely with consultants, architects and developers to assist with advice and design to establish our ASD expertise and actively promote Eurofyre partner companies; those that have received technical training from Eurofyre.

We also support discontinued ICAM products (predominantly microbore) with refurbishment stock and can offer a unique level of technical support for the many ICAM systems still operating throughout the country.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Eurofyre offers a complete own brand range of both conventional and addressable fire detection and alarm products to suit the complete spectrum of applications. We also represent, as the main UK distributor, the unique NSC range of Apollo and Hochiki compatible fire alarm panels.

Our products cover the complete scope of fire panel solutions from basic conventional to full multi-way addressable and include innovative two wire products. We offer advice on all application and design enquiries, and tailor our advice, not on commercial experience, but on what we consider to be the best solution for the customer for the given application.

All products are fully supported and stocked, and technical training is available either at our Wickham office, which is free of charge, or on-site which is usually chargeable.

Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre is an own brand wireless fire detection range of products designed and manufactured by Eurofyre. The product is unique and can provide both a solution for new installations but also a flexible and cost-effective, and non-invasive solution, to extending existing installations.

We fully support the general consensus within the industry that wired fire alarm systems remain the most secure solution for the majority of installations, but we recognise the demand for wireless fire detection. We have, therefore, developed a product that provides a hybrid solution that offers a flexible and cost-effective way of adding to existing installations or forming part of new installations.

Wi-Fyre products can be seamlessly used as a part of the Eurofyre product range or added to OEM systems as part of an extended installation.

Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

LHD products provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for providing fire detection for areas that have restricted access and are environmentally challenging such as multi-storey car parks and void spaces.

Although this type of detection solution has been an established product for many years, new manufacturing processes and innovative control panel technology make it an effective form of detection for a wide variety of applications and, in consequence, is being viewed positively by specifiers and end users as a solution to design and conformance for fire detection.

We provide product and design advice and, as part of our training on linear heat detection, we show how the LHD products can be integrated with our wireless product to provide a unique solution to protecting remote and difficult to access hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

The FyreLine own brand products cover both digital and analogue requirements and can be integrated with the Eurofyre product range or used seamlessly with OEM systems available within the market.

Emergency Voice Communication

An Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system provides two-way communication between the emergency services and people inside a building who need assistance with evacuation.

EVC systems are fixed, monitored and maintained, bidirectional, full-duplex communications systems. They allow voice communication in either direction between a central location point and a number of points known as “outstations” located around the building or building complex.

An emergency voice communication system includes fire telephones, disabled refuge and disabled toilet alarms.

Water Leak Detection

In addition to the loss of a building or services by fire, we also recognise there is often a much greater risk of disruption and damage to assets through water leaks, and as part of our cable technology, we provide water leak detection which can continuously monitor specific or large areas in vulnerable sections of buildings. This is a product that is being increasingly recommended by commercial insurers and can often be a requirement for full coverage.

Advice on installation and integration with fire and BMS is available within our technical services department.

Gas Monitoring Products

Eurofyre provides a complete range of both flammable and toxic gas detection products ranging from standalone to multi-point addressable. We also act as the main distributor for the Honeywell portable and domestic range.

Our expertise and experience cover supply, design and advice for domestic use of detectors for carbon monoxide and flammable gas such as methane, CO detection within car parks, and the use of specialist microbore products to detect CO2 leaks in nuclear power facilities, and hazardous toxic and flammable detection in petrochemical facilities.

Wide Compatibility

The advantage of being a complete system supplier means there are no compatibility issues when it comes to choosing a fire alarm system. By providing a complete range, such as our ProFyre analogue addressable fire alarm system, we can ensure you have a one-stop shop for all necessary components including the control panel, smoke and heat detectors, sounders and interfaces.

Our Brands

Our systems portfolio includes:

Xtralis Certified Partner

As well as being a complete system provider, Eurofyre have a strong relationship with Xtralis, the creators of the leading ASD brand VESDA. Eurofyre are a main distributor and technical supplier of their range of highly flexible VESDA, VESDA-E and ICAM aspiration smoke detection products.


Many of the products we manufacture and distribute are third-party certified by internationally recognised test and approval bodies such as the LPCB, BSI, Intertek, VdS, UL and FM. This confirms to specifiers, installers and consumers alike that the approved products meet the design and performance requirements of key British, European and international standards.

Please note that not all of our products have the same approvals. Approvals for each product can be found on their respective page in our Systems category.

Below are some of the most recognised approval bodies we support:


Eurofyre has a number of global distribution partners and is always looking to increase our connections. If you are looking for a local supplier, please get in touch so we can connect you with your regional supplier. Likewise, if you would like to become one of Eurofyre’s distribution partners, please get in touch via the details on our contact page.


There has been a long running relationship between Integrity Fire Limited and Eurofyre. Eurofyre offer a range of bespoke products that are unique within the market place. These products have proved extremely useful in many inimitable applications such as heritage buildings where there has quite simply been no acceptable alternative. Unlike some companies that have a niche market Eurofyre have always provided the highest level of service and aftercare combining the feel of a family run company with the professionalism of a multinational. Integrity Fire work as a technical partner for Eurofyre supporting their products across the Southern half of the country.

Julian Crouch


February 2015

I have had a long relationship with Eurofyre over the years working for multiple companies. Jon’s technical assistance is industry leading and the whole team at Eurofyre have always been great. Without a shadow of a doubt they have exceeded expectations and gone beyond what was asked.

Dan Jackson


April 2019

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