About Us


Based in the south of the UK, Eurofyre Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2007. Eurofyre is a global provider of specialist fire detection and associated safety products for commercial and industrial applications.

Our Purpose

Eurofyre’s key objective is to manufacture, supply and promote fire detection solutions that are designed to give users time to respond to possible threats before the loss of critical infrastructure, high-value assets, business and, most crucially, life.

Our Vision

Eurofyre works closely with representatives all over the world to enhance the service they provide to their customers. We do this by providing concise online literature, specific training programs and exceptional pre and post-sale technical support. 

We are constantly looking to work with new global partners to help them to become the  industry leading supplier in their local market.


UKAS Accredited

UKAS is the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom. They are appointed by the government to assess and accredit organisations that provide services including certification, testing, inspection and calibration.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. It delivers a system of continual improvement that is driven by your customers’ needs leading to cost savings, improved efficiencies and greater consistency of service deliverables. Our Quality Policy can be found here.

Fire Industry Association Member

The FIA is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK. The FIA is a major provider of fire safety training and helps to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus.

British Chambers of Commerce Member

The British Chambers of Commerce champion and support members all across the UK and in countries and markets around the world to help companies, places and people achieve their potential.

Xtralis Authorised Distributor – Gold Channel Partner Status

This recognition displays our level of commitment, including excellent customer service and competitive pricing, as part of our partnership with Xtralis.

How Can We Become Your Partner of Choice?

Eurofyre provides a wide variety of benefits to its partners in the UK and export regions. These include:


Diverse project portfolio
Eurofyre has been involved in a variety of different projects; from small, single-unit installations, to very large detection systems using multiple detection types and specialist fire detection equipment.
Liaise between specifiers, consultants, clients
Eurofyre bridges the gap between specifiers, consultants and clients, providing all the necessary information and tools to help you to meet strict specifications and regulations across the world.
Success based on a customer-focused strategy
Our customer-focussed strategy means that our partners are never left in the dark. We are there every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need to deliver to your clients.
Variety of applications supported
We have an extensive product catalogue to cater for even the most complicated of applications.
Thorough knowledge of the fire industry and regulatory standards
Eurofyre’s thorough knowledge of the fire industry and regulatory standards around the world means we are able to advise and assist with every application.

Sales and Technical Support

Large product/system offering
Eurofyre is constantly expanding its product and system offering to ensure it is able to provide a complete detection solution for any application.
Specialist and consultative advice
Our in-house specialists have an abundance of experience across a range of different systems and applications.
Competitive trade pricing
We have a range of trade account options available to our partners and we can offer exceptional partner discounts.
Support throughout project life-cycle
Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships. This means we are here to provide support throughout the life-cycle of your project.
Virtual installation, commission and maintenance support
Eurofyre can provide virtual installation, commissioning and maintenance support via sophisticated video conferencing technology.

Leading Logistic Solutions

Variety of couriers/shipping partners
We work with a variety of different couriers and shipping partners to ensure we can ship all of our products around the world quickly and safely.
Chamber certified documents
We provide chamber certified export documents to ensure our products arrive safely and quickly.
Swift order fulfilment
Our team is always on hand to ensure that items are picked, packed and shipped daily.
Supply/demand planning
We constantly strive to ensure we are prepared for every eventuality. Our accurate inventory and relationships with suppliers means we are always prepared.
Large Stockholding
We keep a large range of products in stock in our UK warehouses, ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.

Demonstration and Training

Sophisticated training facility
We have a sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems.
Virtual and local training
We can provide both virtual and local training to all of our partners.
Training accreditation
We provide accreditation with all of our training.
Variety of systems available for live demonstrations
We have a variety of systems readily available for demonstration in our state of the art facility.
Tailored demo of systems on case by case basis
We can provide tailored demonstrations of each and every system we supply.
We regularly host webinars to help educate our partners on the products we have available.


To meet the demands of today’s fire alarm and life safety requirements, we have positioned ourselves as the “complete system supplier” to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

We supply a wide range of solutions for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications and we provide advice on what product best suits the application from both a practical and cost-efficiency standpoint.

In-house Brands

Eurofyre is proud to supply its own brands to the fire detection and safety market. All of our products are high quality, extremely reliable and cost-effective.

Brands we Support

Eurofyre supplies and supports only the leading brands in the fire detection market. The systems we supply are all approved by relevant authorities, fast and reliable.

Specialist Systems

Eurofyre supplies and supports detection solutions to suit every application. From more traditional detection systems that use point type detectors, to more specialist detection solutions such as linear heat detection, aspirating smoke detection or beam detection. Whatever solution you require, Eurofyre will deliver the same expert service, both pre and post–sale, to ensure you get all the support you need.

  • Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Wireless Fire Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Emergency Voice Communication
  • Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring
  • Beam Detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Temporary Wireless Fire Detection
  • Power Supplies & Batteries
  • Fire Alarm Test Equipment
  • Thermography Detection

Specialist System Spotlight

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Since 2007, Eurofyre has represented Xtralis as a major technical wholesaler, initially as the central point of contact for the ICAM range of products and, more recently, for the complete range of all products manufactured by the company including the world renowned VESDA and VESDA-E aspirating smoke detection products. We now have also been appointed with an Xtralis Gold Channel Partner status displaying our level of commitment, expertise and support.

We provide ASD pipe calculation assistance and product training and operate an on-site technical help service, to a level not available through alternative channels, for all of our customers.

In addition, we work closely with consultants, architects and developers to assist with advice and design to establish our ASD expertise and actively promote Eurofyre partner companies; those that have received technical training from Eurofyre.

We also support discontinued ICAM products (predominantly microbore) with refurbishment stock and can offer a unique level of technical support for the many ICAM systems still operating throughout the country.

Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection (LHD) provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for providing fire detection for areas that have restricted access and are environmentally challenging such as multi-storey car parks and void spaces.

Although this type of detection is well established, new manufacturing processes and innovative control panel technology make it an effective form of detection for a wide variety of applications and, in consequence, is being viewed positively by specifiers and end users as a solution to design and conformance for fire detection.

We provide product and design advice and, as part of our training on linear heat detection, we show how LHD products can be integrated with our wireless products to provide a unique solution to protecting remote and difficult to access hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

The FyreLine own brand products cover fixed, digital and analogue requirements and can be integrated with the Eurofyre product range or used seamlessly with OEM systems available within the market.

Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre wireless fire detection provides a flexible choice for wireless detection integration and control. Wi-Fyre is designed for use as a hybrid detection solution that enables hardwired and wireless detection technology to coexist as part of the same detection system.

It can be used as part of a new fire detection solution or to upgrade, extend or replace elements of an existing hardwired installation. This provides the system designer with the freedom to use wireless devices in situations where cabling may be too expensive or too disruptive or where speed of installation is a priority.

Wi-Fyre Xenos is a completely new protocol for wireless networks and provides a range of high-performance detection, control and alarm devices. The Xenos software provides the most simple and intuitive way to install, commission and maintain your Xenos system.

Wi-Fyre Xenos delivers unprecedented fire detection performance, application scale and superior reliability and is well suited to both small-medium or large sites, supporting up to 128 devices on a single translator.

Emergency Voice Communication

Crisis’ EVC emergency voice communication system combines all aspects of emergency voice communication into one complete system; bringing master stations, fire telephones, disabled refuge and emergency assistance alarms into one, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage EVC solution. 

Crisis supports up to 64 panels, each of which provides up to eight connections, supporting up to 512 lines of communication. This makes it suitable for even the largest application allowing provision for multiple disabled refuge points, emergency assistance alarms and fire telephones. 

Crisis EVC is easy to install and delivers an easy-to-use, stylish and cost effective solution for all types of facilities.

Product Approvals/Certification

Many of the products we manufacture and distribute are third-party certified by internationally recognised test and approval bodies such as the LPCB, BSI, Intertek, VdS, UL and FM. This confirms to specifiers, installers and consumers alike that the approved products meet the design and performance requirements of key British, European and international standards.

Please note that not all of our products have the same approvals. Approvals for each product can be found on their respective page in our Systems category.

Below are some of the most recognised approval bodies we support: