Product/System Demonstration



Eurofyre is a global provider of specialist fire detection systems. Eurofyre has positioned itself as the complete system supplier to meet all the demands of current fire safety requirements and manufacturers a wide range of fire detection systems to cater for innumerable applications.

Eurofyre’s Product Demonstration Facility allows us to demonstrate and provide expert training on some of the systems that we provide.

Product/System Demonstration

ProFryre C8 Conventional Fire Alarm System

Our very own, compact, cost effective and fully-featured conventional fire alarm control panel. The ProFyre C8 is available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 zone versions and is ideal for use in small to medium sized installations.

ProFyre T8 2-wire Addressable Fire Alarm System

Eurofyre’s ProFyre T8 – 2-wire addressable fire alarm system provides all the advantages of an addressable system, with the simplicity of a conventional system. It complements the ProFyre range of detectors and sounders, allowing all devices to share and receive power over just two wires.

ProFyre A2 – Addressable Fire Alarm System

The ProFyre A2 fire alarm system is an easy-to-install system that can be installed and commissioned without the need for an external PC connection. Devices are automatically assigned to zones and can be named using the integrated QWERTY keyboard.

ProFyre A4 Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System

The ProFyre A4 fire alarm system is available for support for up to 8 loops and can support up to 250 devices per loop. ProFrye A4 devices are capable of communicating with up to 64 additional control panels or repeaters making them the ideal solution for medium to large applications.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Detection Solution

Wi-Fyre is a wireless fire detection solution that allows hard-wired and wireless detection technologies to co-exist. This leaves the system designer free to use wireless devices when and where necessary regardless of the type, age or technology of the existing system.

FyreLine Analogue & Digital Linear Heat Detection Systems

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection provides early warning of fire using heat sensing cable that is capable of detecting heat at any point along its length. FyreLine is extremely cost effective and can be used in conjunction with, or in-place of, conventional heat detectors.

ICAM IFT-15 6mm Aspirating Smoke Detection System

The IFT-15 is a unique, high sensitivity air sampling system that is capable of sampling from up to 15 individual, identifiable areas simultaneously. It provides very fast and reliable detection of fire and is very well suited to areas that are difficult to access, where aesthetics must be maintained or in architecturally restricted locations.

ICAM ILS 25mm Aspirating Smoke Detection System

The ICAM ILS is designed for applications that require a class A, B or C detection system. It is waterproof and versatile and provides the ideal solutions for general area coverage or localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwork.

ICAM IAS 25mm Aspirating Smoke Detection System

ICAM IAS Aspirating Detectors are designed to complement conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems. The IAS combines standard field-serviceable smoke detectors with a stand-alone air sampling solution.