Morley-IAS Plus & System Sensor Addressable Fire Detection for Shops


Fire safety in small shops is crucial to protect both customers and property. To ensure safety, shop owners must adhere to local fire regulations, which typically include installing appropriate fire detection systems and ensuring the availability of fire extinguishers suitable for the types of fires that might occur, such as electrical or paper fires. 

Shops should also conduct routine fire risk assessments to identify potential hazards and address them proactively. Fire doors should be kept clear and functional to compartmentalise any fire outbreak, helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, thus safeguarding both human lives and inventory.

What are the Risks?

Fire risks in small shops can vary depending on the nature of the business, but some common risks include:

Electrical Faults
Overloaded power outlets, faulty wiring, and malfunctioning electrical appliances are common sources of fire in small shops. Regular maintenance and inspection of electrical systems are essential to prevent such hazards.
Flammable Materials
Shops, particularly those that handle textiles, paper goods, or chemicals, often store materials that are highly flammable. Improper storage or careless handling of these materials can lead to fires.
Improper Waste Disposal
Accumulation of combustible waste materials like paper, cardboard and packaging materials can be a significant fire risk if not regularly cleared away and properly disposed of.
Heating and Cooking Equipment
In shops that use heating or cooking equipment, such as cafes within retail spaces, these devices can pose fire risks if left unattended or not properly maintained.
Human Error
Simple mistakes like leaving a cigarette unextinguished, misuse of electrical equipment, or neglecting to turn off heating devices can lead to fires, especially in smaller, confined spaces typical of many small shops.

What are the Challenges?

Maintenance and Testing
Ensuring that fire detection systems are regularly tested and maintained can be a challenge in small shops, where staffing is often limited and might not include specialised maintenance personnel. A system that is easy to test and maintain is essential.
Diverse Layouts and Sizes
Shops vary significantly in layout and size, from small boutiques to large department stores. This variability requires customised fire detection solutions tailored to specific spatial configurations and coverage needs.
High Foot Traffic
Shops often experience high levels of foot traffic, which can impede the effectiveness of fire safety measures. Strategically placing alarms and detectors to ensure they are not obstructed, while maintaining clear and accessible evacuation routes, can be challenging.
Aesthetic Concerns
Especially in high-end retail environments, there is a need to integrate fire safety equipment without compromising the shop’s design and customer experience. This often means using discrete or architecturally compatible fire detection components.
Multiple Ignition Sources
Shops may contain multiple potential ignition sources, including electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, and heating systems. The fire detection system must effectively monitor all these sources without causing frequent false alarms.

Morley-IAS Plus

The Morley-IAS Plus Addressable Fire Alarm Panel is a sophisticated and flexible fire alarm system designed for use in various building types, from small to medium-sized commercial spaces to larger complexes. It is known for its reliability and ease-of-use, incorporating advanced fire detection technology with addressable capabilities, meaning each device connected to the panel can be individually identified. This allows for quicker detection and precise localisation of fire incidents, enhancing the efficiency of emergency responses.

The panel itself is user-friendly, featuring clear displays and intuitive controls for straightforward operation and maintenance. It supports the system sensor range of detectors and devices, allowing customisation according to specific site requirements. 

The Morley-IAS Plus system includes features such as loop isolation, automatic device configuration, and comprehensive fault diagnostics, which help in minimising downtime and maintenance costs. Its scalability and adaptability make it a popular choice for ensuring robust fire safety in diverse environments.


System Sensor Advanced Protocol

The Morley-IAS Plus fire alarm control panel seamlessly integrates with not only the current MIAS/System Sensor Protocol devices but also introduces the powerful Advanced Protocol. This advanced technology unlocks several benefits including:

Enhanced Capacity
Each loop can accommodate up to 159 detectors and 159 modules, totaling 318 addresses, catering to the needs of larger and more complex buildings.
Streamlined Efficiency
Advanced Protocol optimises device identification and delivers richer data on each connected element delivering faster installation and commissioning. The improved data flow also contributes to smoother overall system operation.
Maximised Safety
The System Sensor Advanced protocol delivers faster response times and more efficient communication between devices leading to a more reliable fire protection system.

Colour Coordinated System Conditions

The Morley-IAS Plus features an intelligent display that changes colour to clearly communicate the system status. This provides a quick visual representation of critical events, allowing for faster response and improved situational awareness.

System Sensor Addressable Fire Detection

The System Sensor spot detector line covers a range of requirements in commercial or residential applications. System Sensor intelligent products include smoke detection, heat detection and multi-criteria/multi-sensor detection, as well as bases and accessories. Each detector is designed for ease-of-use, simple installation, and project flexibility. 

Typical Wiring Diagram

System Sensor wiring diagram

Design Considerations

Panel Placement

The Morley-IAS Plus fire alarm control panel should be installed in a secure but accessible location. 

Morley-IAS Plus fire alarm control panel

Call Point Placement

Manual call points should be placed along escape routes, near exits, and at staircase landings, ensuring they are easily accessible and visible. They should be mounted at a height of about 1.4 metres from the floor to accommodate a wide range of users, including those in wheelchairs.

Detector Placement

Smoke and heat detectors should be strategically installed to ensure effective coverage and rapid fire response.

Smoke and heat detector placement
Smoke and heat detector placement

Handpicked Products for Shops

Using System Sensor devices with a Morley-IAS fire alarm control panel creates a fire detection system that delivers fast and reliable fire detection with increased false alarm immunity. The system is easy-to-install with intuitive device addressing and intelligent redundancy and is easy to maintain and operate. 

The flexibility and reliability of System Sensor and Morley-IAS makes these systems the ideal choice for protecting shops from fire. 

A typical fire detection solution for a shop will consist of:

Addressable Control Panel

Morley-IAS Plus Control Panel

The Morley-IAS Plus Control Panel combines advanced technology with user-friendly features for maximum security and efficiency. This panel includes Honeywell’s innovative Advanced protocol which ensures fast, reliable detection of fire threats. Detailed information is provided to installers, allowing for streamlined troubleshooting and system maintenance.

Addressable Detectors

System Sensor Addressable Optical Smoke Detector

System Sensor’s Addressable Optical Smoke Detectors feature redesigned chambers for better responsiveness, minimising false alarms from dust and insects, and use advanced processing and algorithms to enhance detection accuracy and speed.

System Sensor Addressable Heat Smoke Detector

System Sensor’s Addressable Heat Detectors provide swift response using low mass thermistors and microprocessors. They offer fixed temperature detection or rate-of-rise detection with configurable settings, all in a sleek, modern enclosure.

System Sensor Addressable Multi-Sensor Detector

System Sensor’s Addressable Multi-Sensor Detectors merge thermal and photoelectric detection for advanced fire immunity. They adapt to various conditions, housed in a modern enclosure with a 360° LED indicator for clear visibility.

Addressable Manual Call Point

System Sensor Addressable Manual Call Point

System Sensor Addressable Manual Call Points offer user-friendly, tamper-proof design, ease of installation, and high reliability, thanks to quality components and intelligent features.

Addressable Sounders

System Sensor Addressable Base Sounder

The System Sensor Addressable Base Sounder is a premium loop-powered device for emergency alerts. It uses the B501AP base for flexible installation and syncs with SS intelligent detectors, producing powerful, customisable audible warnings for diverse applications.

System Sensor Addressable Sounder

System Sensor Addressable Sounders alert occupants through loop-powered design. They attach to the B501AP base with ease, with control options via onboard switches or fire panels for adaptable, audible warnings in emergencies.

Addressable Interfaces

System Sensor Addressable Single Input Module

System Sensor Addressable Single Input Modules provide supervision of one input circuit. It offers both latched and analogue supervision. There are three separate latched states: normal; open circuit; and combined alarm/short. The analogue supervision continuously monitors the supervised circuit, returning a signal proportional to the circuit resistance.

System Sensor Addressable Single Output Module

The System Sensor Addressable Single Output Module optionally supervises the wiring to the load devices and, upon command from the control panel, switches an external power supply to operate these devices.

System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Module

System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Modules are dual channel modules used for the monitoring of normally open contact fire alarm and supervisory devices.

System Sensor Addressable Mains Rated Output Module

The System Sensor Addressable Mains Rated Output Module is a loop-powered device specifically designed to control an unsupervised double-pole output. This output module is capable of managing 240VAC loads. It consists of a bistable output relay that can latch in either the On or Off state upon receiving a command from the control panel.

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Honeywell Fire Platinum Partner
Eurofyre is a Honeywell Fire Platinum Partner. This means we can offer regional or industry-specific solution expertise that includes implementation and advanced customer support for models for Honeywell products along with the most competitive pricing.
Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre supplies all aspects of fire detection and its associated safety products, including addressable fire detection systems, and can provide expert advice and consultation.
Demonstration and Training
We offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including Morley-IAS and System Sensor, in our very own sophisticated training facility.
After-Sales Support
Eurofyre offers both on-site and telephone support to assist you in ensuring that your system is fully functional and operating at maximum efficiency. Our after-sales care and support are second to none.

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