Key Features

  • Integrated DIN rail brackets
  • Switching output module
  • Tri-colour light pipes
  • Built-in short circuit isolators
  • EN 62368-1 certified


The System Sensor Addressable Mains Rated Output Module is a loop-powered device specifically designed to control an unsupervised double-pole output. This output module is capable of managing 240Vac loads. It consists of a bistable output relay that can latch in either the On or Off state upon receiving a command from the control panel. The module’s operation is powered through the loop connection, eliminating the need for additional power sources.

The module is supplied in an aesthetically pleasing white enclosure, which is consistent across the entire family of I/O modules. This enclosure features integrated DIN rail brackets, allowing for convenient mounting directly onto a standard 35mm ‘Top Hat’ DIN rail. 

System Sensor Addressable Mains Rated Output Modules are equipped with built-in short circuit protection for the communications loop. However, to enhance application flexibility, the isolators can be individually selected or deselected for each module. 

In order to facilitate maintenance and fault-finding procedures, the light pipes in the modules have been enlarged to enhance visibility even in space-constrained applications. This improvement ensures that both the status LED and the rotary switch selection can be easily viewed from two sides without the need to remove the cover of the surface mounting box. The multi-colour status LED is designed to provide valuable diagnostic information regarding the status of each individual input/output, assisting technicians in identifying and resolving any issues effectively.

To simplify installation, testing and maintenance procedures, the modules are equipped with quick connectors. Each module features a 4+6 terminal block configuration; the green-coloured terminal block of 4 is designed for use with 24V, while the red-coloured terminal block of 6 is suitable for handling 240V.



Tech Specs

Operating Voltage Range15 to 32Vdc
LED Cutoff Voltage16.5 Vdc
Maximum Standby Current75μA at 24Vdc (no communications)
Maximum Alarm Current5.5mA at 24VDC, one communication each 5 seconds with LED blink enabled
Coil Activation/Deactivation Current76mA max for 12ms
Relay Specifications5A at 30VDC, 5A at 250VAC, resistive load
Application Temperature Range-200°C to 600°C
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
IP RatingIP30 (IP44 in M200E-SMB)
Dimensions (H x W x L)mm22mm x 99mm x 93mm
Maximum Wire Gauge for Terminals2.5mm2



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System Sensor Addressable Mains Rated Output Module

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