Key Features

  • Common mechanical platform for modules’ enclosure
  • Integrated DIN rail brackets
  • Built-in short circuit isolators
  • CLIP and Advanced Protocol
  • Addressability through rotary switches


System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Modules are designed to combine maximum reliability with top-end functionality.

System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Modules are dual channel modules used for the monitoring of normally open contact fire alarm and supervisory devices.

Each module can be mounted in either a common wall box, on a DIN rail (thanks to smart DIN brackets directly built-in the enclosure) or its dedicated enclosure. Irrespective of the chosen mounting method, the address switch is always visible and accessible for selection. 

System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Modules have built-in short circuit protection for the communications loop; however, to increase application flexibility, the isolators can be selected/deselected on an individual module basis.

Diagnostic information regarding the status of each input is delivered via a multi-coloured status LED and quick connectors make installation, testing and maintenance easy.  Each LED can be set by panel command to pulse green each time the module channel is polled. In case of an alarm, the panel can switch the red indicator on continuously. The yellow LED is controlled by the module and blinks to indicate an open circuit on the input circuit. This fault indication is always overridden by a panel command to turn the red LED on.

Large light pipes are included to provide increased visibility even in the most challenging space constrained application and both the status LED and the rotary switch selection can be viewed on the two sides without having to remove the cover of the surface mounting box. 



Tech Specs

Operating Voltage Range15 to 32VDC
Maximum Standby Current140µA at 24VDC, no communications
Relay Specifications Normal and unsupervised form C ratings 2A at 30VDC, resistive load
Operating Temperature Range -20oC to +60oC
Humidity5 to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 
IP Rating  IP30 
Dimensions (H x L x W)mm22 x 82 x 93
Weight  118g
Maximum Wire Gauge for Terminals 2.5mm2



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System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Module

System Sensor Addressable Dual Input Module

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