Product Spotlight – VESDA In-Line Filter


Aspirating smoke detection is widely used to protect a variety of applications from fire. This type of smoke detection is very fast and reliable and can detect the presence of smoke even before it is visible to the human eye. To achieve this, aspirating smoke detectors actively draw samples of air from the protected area using a powerful aspirator fan. The air then travels through a network of pipes before entering the detection chamber. If smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel to act accordingly.

The detection elements within the detection chamber are very sensitive which is why they are able to quickly and reliably recognise if the sampled air is contaminated. Therefore, in order to preserve the life of the detector and ensure optimum performance, in-line filters should be used.

VESDA In-Line Filters

VESDA in-line filters filter contaminants out of the sampled air before it enters the detection chamber. This not only maximises the performance of the detector but improves the longevity of the sensor and reduces maintenance frequency too.

VESDA in-line filters provide superior performance compared to other in-line filtration systems and have a tapered inlet that can easily be fitted in-line with the sampling pipe, without the need for additional pipe fittings.

The filters graceful design smoothly integrates into the system and filter elements can be replaced without removing the filter making maintenance simple and cost-effective. Up to four filters can be installed side-by-side in multi-pipe installations.

VESDA in-line filters are available with red, grey or metal finishes.

VESDA filters are available to buy through our website, alternatively, if you would like to talk to a representative, please feel free to give us a call.

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How VESDA In-Line Filters Work

Filter elements are installed in the filter’s casing at the optimum angle to maximise the surface area of the element that is subjected to the airflow. As the sampled air passes through the filter, the filter element catches any contaminants such as dust and dirt that are present in the air, thus improving the quality of air that reaches the detection chamber and preserving the life of the detection elements. Arrows on the VESDA in-line filter cover indicate the direction of airflow to ensure the filter is installed correctly for highest performance.


VESDA in-line filters are compatible with all 25mm (or 3/4”) aspirating smoke detection systems:

Xtralis ICAM IAS Aspirating Smoke Detector

Xtralis ICAM IAS Aspirating Smoke Detector

The ICAM IAS provides fast and reliable detection that can be integrated with any existing fire alarm control panel – helping to maintain aesthetics of a property, provide a tamper proof detection solution or simply replace traditional point detectors.
Xtralis ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector

Xtralis ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector

The XTRALIS ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector provides laser air-sampling smoke detection to meet the individual requirements of many industrial and commercial applications. ICAM ILS detectors are suitable for both medium sensitivity and multi-hole Class C applications.

Xtralis VESDA VLF Aspirating Smoke Detector

VESDA VLF by Xtralis provides superior very early warning, air-sampling smoke detection for small, business-critical spaces such as switch rooms, server rooms and cabinets.

Xtralis VESDA-E VEP Aspirating Smoke Detector

The VESDA-E VEP series of aspirating smoke detection from Xtralis uses advanced Flair detection technology to provide a very early warning of fire while minimising nuisance alarms..

Xtralis VESDA-E VES Aspirating Smoke Detector

The VES is similar to the flagship VESDA-E VEP but includes a special valve mechanism enabling addressability across 4 pipe/sectors.

Xtralis VESDA VLI Aspirating Smoke Detector

The VESDA VLI by Xtralis is an industry first early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system, designed to protect industrial applications and harsh environments of up to 2000m2 (20,000 sq. ft.).

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