Key Features

  • EN54-20 approved
  • Economical, single or dual area aspirated ‘fire’ detection
  • 1 or 2 sampling pipes – each up to 100m in length
  • Coverage up to 1,500m² at class C
  • 3 users configurable alarm levels per channel


The ICAM ILS range has been discontinued as of the 30th September 2021 and the alternative product, FAAST Flex can be found here. The official end of life notice can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section. Spare parts for the ICAM ILS are still available. If you have any questions relating to stock availability please contact us below.

The XTRALIS ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector provides laser air-sampling smoke detection to meet the individual requirements of many industrial and commercial applications. ICAM ILS detectors are suitable for both medium sensitivity and multi-hole Class C applications.

These detectors are compact, rugged, waterproof and extremely versatile making them suitable for both general coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwork.

The ICAM ILS-2 system has one and two inlet pipes and can be configured with dual addressable areas.

Each detector has two sets of alarm contacts per channel which are programmable across the dynamic sensitivity range of 0.06 to 3.33% per meter in 9 stages. The detectors internal fan is powerful and quiet and can support pipe lengths of up to 100m per channel.

Pipe Lengths

The ICAM ILS is equipped with a powerful aspirator that enables use of a total of 100m (linear) of sampling pipe per inlet.

Class Sensitivity

Maximum number of holes per EN54-20 sensitivity class:

Class A3 holes per inlet
Class B6 holes per inlet
Class C18 holes per inlet

How It Works

ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detectors actively draw air via sampling a network of pipes. The air is filtered before being analysed by medium sensitivity laser spot (point) detectors that are incorporated into the system. Alert, Action or Fire alarm states are communicated through dry contact relays and indicated via LEDs on the detector’s display.

ILS detectors employ a powerful, high-performance aspirator and sophisticated, software configurable, flow monitoring circuitry. The system features a ten element bar graph display that can be adjusted for low and high flow thresholds. Flow failure is reported as a device fault via dedicated fault relays.

Configuration Options & Detection Strategies

The ILS system is available with one inlet pipe (ILS-1) or two inlet pipes (ILS-2), and can be fitted with one or two detectors per system. The available options for the ILS-1 and ILS-2 systems are:

  • ILS-1 system – one or two laser point (spot) detectors *
  • ILS-2 system – two laser point (spot) detectors

ILS-1 systems fitted with one laser point detector are capable of providing single area detection, but ILS-1 and ILS-2 systems fitted with two detectors can be configured for a number of detection strategies. The table below describes the possible detection strategies for ILS systems fitted with two point detectors:

ILS-1Single Addressable Area
Redundancy *
Coincident / Double-Knock * †
ILS-2Dual Addressable Areas

* These are software programmable modes for an ILS-1 system fitted with two detectors (second detector sold separately).

† Subject to local codes and standards.

Programming and Diagnostics

ICAM ILS detectors have three alarm levels. The sensitivity threshold for each alarm level, along with fan speed and flow sensitivity, can be individually programmed. ILS detectors can be configured locally using an integrated programming interface or configured and diagnosed via the well known Xtralis VSC software via its USB interface.


The ICAM ILS is fully approved by VdS for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bears the CE mark to show that it complies with all the applicable Directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

  • EN54-20:2006 + AC:2008 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Control and indicating equipment.

Training & Demonstration Services

Eurofyre offer flexible training and demonstration sessions for clients looking to design, install, commission and maintain an ICAM ILS aspirating smoke detection system.

Eurofyre have years of experience in ASD technology and are able to offer the following solutions:

1-2-1 training suited to your needs at the Eurofyre UK office.
Group training suited to your needs (maximum of 5 attendees per session) at the Eurofyre UK office.
On-site training suited to your needs, subject to location.
Product demonstration at the Eurofyre UK office.

For further information, please contact Eurofyre Technical.

Tech Specs

Sampling Pipe Inlets1 or 2 (ILS-1 & ILS-2 respectively)
Detectors1 or 2, 0.06%/m Laser Point Detectors (fitted)
Sampling Holes (Max)EN54-20:
Class A (3 holes)
Class B (6 holes)
Class C (18 holes)
Sampling Pipe Length100m (max) per pipe. For VdS approved installations, consult manual
Sampling Pipe Diameter1 or 2 x 25mm or 3/4” (27mm) nominal bore
Exhaust Air Pipe Outlet1 (25mm or 3/4”)
Supply VoltageNominal 24Vdc (18 to 30Vdc)
Operating Current350mA max (fan speed dependant)
Sensitivity0.06 – 3.33% obscuration per metre, adjustable in 9 stages
Alarm LevelsProgrammable Alert, Fire 1, Fire 2 (per channel)
Operating ModesSingle detector, redundancy, double-knock
SettingsIsolate, latching, non-latching, operating mode, reset
Programming/set-upIntegral control switch’s and/or PC via USB
Event Log1000 Events
Fault MonitoringPower failure (common), flow fault per channel, detector fault
Relay Outputs2 alarm & 1 fault per channel (changeover contacts)
Cable TerminalsRemovable 2.0mm maximum
Display5 common status plus 10 segment LED bargraph per channel
User ControlsExternal weatherproof membrane – Code protected
Flow MonitoringThermal, with adjustable high/low and sensitivity limits
Operating Temperature-10 to +50°C
Operating Humidity10 to 95% (non-condensing)
IP RatingIP65 with exhaust pipe fitted and cable entries sealed
Filtration (Standard Internal)Replaceable dust particle. Harsh environment filter also available
Filtration (External)Optional, external harsh environment filter
Housing MaterialABS with tamper-proof locking mechanism
MountingUpright, horizontal or inverted
Dimensions (W x H x D)259 x 184 x 166mm



Eurofyre is an authorised distributor of Honeywell and has been a major technical wholesaler of Xtralis products since 2007. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of VESDA, FAAST and ICAM aspirating smoke detection systems including pipework calculations, demonstration/training and excellent after-sale support.

Contact us to receive competitive trade discounts or apply online for a credit account.

The ICAM ILS range has been discontinued as of the 30th September 2021 and the alternative product, FAAST Flex can be found here. The official end of life notice can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section. Spare parts for the ICAM ILS are still available. If you have any questions relating to stock availability please contact us below.

ICAM ILS-1, 1 Pipe, 1 Area Laser Aspirating Smoke Detector

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ICAM ILS-2, 2 Pipe, 2 Area Laser Aspirating Smoke Detector

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