Key Features

  • Fully compliant to BS5839-9:2011
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Integrated assist call
  • Expandable from 2 to 8 lines
  • Standalone with an option to *network


All Crisis Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS) are designed to comply fully with the requirements of BS5839-9:2011 for use as a fire telephone system (FT), disabled refuge system (DRS) or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge call points are required. An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system to assist fire fighters during emergencies in high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication cannot be guaranteed to work due to interference from the fire corona.

The Crisis EVC Master Station is ideal for small buildings which are required to have an EVC system, but which have a limited number of outstations. The Master Station can support up to eight lines of outstation, including type A fixed phones, type B refuge hands free points, emergency assist call point or jack points in Far East and Middle East applications. Lines auto identify by flashing red for emergency voice communication calls, blue for assist calls or flashing green for connected calls as detailed in BS5839-9:2011.

*Optionally, Crisis EVC Master Station has in-built networking allowing it to form one of the 64 panels on a Crisis EVC Network installation, or allowing a repeater using another Crisis EVC Master Station, where buildings have two points of control.

Self contained, the enclosure houses a master handset, one to four dual line cards, an EN54-4:A2 2006 PSU and can be surface or flush mounted (using the optional bezel). The case is made from powder coated zintec, with a smoked perspex door covering the handset. 20mm cable knock-outs are provided for all necessary cables as well as space for the one backup battery. The master station is microprocessor controlled, but requires no programming on site; the panel is fitted with end of line resistors which are simply moved to the end of line when an outstation is connected.

Tech Specs

Inputs2 to 8 Outstation Lines (supplied as dual line cards)
Remote Enable: Short to use
End of Line Resistance: 10KΩ
Outputs1 x VFCO Fault Relay, 30Vdc @ 1A
1 x VFCO ‘In Use’ Relay, 30Vdc @ 1A
StandardsCompliant with:
BS5839-9:2011, BS9999:2017, BS8300:2018
EMC: EN55103-1 and EN55103-2
LVD: EN60065
Controls3 x Navigation buttons, 4.3” RGB touch-screen display, AC Power, DC Power, PSU, System and General Fault LED indication
NetworkEnhanced (refer to BS5839-9:2011 for exceptions)
*Cable Type:
Data – 1 x 2-core 1.5mm
Voice – 1 x 2-core 1.5mm
Maximum Distance: 500m node to node
*4-core cable must not be used for the network
Mains Voltage230Vac +/- 10% 50/60Hz
System Voltage5V, 16V, 27Vdc
Charge Current400mA
Battery Capacity1 x 12V 7Ah SLA (Max)
Weight5kg (11.023Ibs) Excluding Batteries
Dimensions (W x H x D)350mm x 300mm x 95mm



Crisis EVC Master Station, 2 Lines, Handset

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Crisis EVC Master Station, 4 Lines, Handset

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Crisis EVC Master Station, 8 Lines, Handset

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Crisis EVC Repeater, Handset

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Crisis EVC Master Station, 2 Lines, Handset, Stainless Steel Fascia

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Crisis EVC Master Station, 4 Lines, Handset, Stainless Steel Fascia

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Crisis EVC Master Station, 8 Lines, Handset, Stainless Steel Fascia

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