Product Spotlight – VESDA-E VEP Aspirating Smoke Detector


Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) is one of the quickest and most reliable detection types on the market today. Based around a central detection unit, aspirating smoke detection uses powerful fans to draw samples of air from the protected area through a network of sampling pipes and into a detection chamber. Before entering the chambers, a series of different filters can be used to filter any contaminants from the air before it is processed by the highly sensitive detection elements. 

Due to ASD’s unique ability to actively monitor samples of air, it can detect the presence of smoke even before it is visible to the human eye and is impervious to unpredictable airflows. Furthermore, its ability to differentiate between smoke and potential contaminants makes it one of the most reliable detection types available.

The History of VESDA

22 years ago, the VESDA LaserPLUS (VLP) series of detectors was released. This marked a new era for ASD technology and, since then, VESDA has evolved from being a specialist and niche technology to being an important part of the detection industry. 

VESDA VLP is now the most used ASD product and provides the benchmark for smoke detection reliability, sensitivity, longevity, stability and efficiency of operation. 

After VESDA VLP detectors proved to be such a success, VESDA LaserCOMPACT (VLC) detectors were introduced to provide all the benefits of ASD in single area environments and where space is limited.

In 2014, VESDA-E detectors were introduced. This marked a new era in smoke detection technology, setting new benchmarks for performance, reliability and stability as well as adding flexibility and a new range of connectivity options.

With the new range of VESDA-E detectors, the VESDA VEP aspirating smoke detector, a highly sensitive ASD with increased reliability and advanced features, was born.

VESDA-E VEP Aspirating Smoke Detectors

The VESDA VEP series of aspirating smoke detectors use advanced Flair Detection Technology, a revolutionary detection chamber that contains a CMOS imager and multipole photodiodes to provide accurate and direct imaging of the data and ensure a very early warning of fire while minimising nuisance alarms. 

VEP detectors offer absolute calibration, multi-stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers to deliver continuous, reliable performance and a smart, on-board filter retains a dust count and remaining filter life to make scheduled maintenance easier.

VESDA-E VEP detectors have a wide sensitivity range, use flow fault thresholds for each port to support changeable airflow conditions and have four alarm levels making them suitable for a huge variety of applications. 

The detectors built-in LCD display provides instant status information and an event log capable of storing up to 20,000 events and is available for analysis and system diagnoses.

These detectors can cater for pipe lengths up to 560m (1,837 ft.) and are easy to install and commission. An AutoConfig function allows airflow normalisation and AutoLearn Smoke and Flow can be initiated from the detector itself, making out-of-the-box operation possible.

Ethernet and WiFi connectivity is available as standard and VEP detectors can be connected to a corporate network, allowing tablets and PCs to connect wirelessly to the detector via Xtralis monitoring configuration software.

How It Works

Video Transcription

For years VESDA has provided reliable smoke detection to protect lives and assets and ensure business continuity in numerous applications across the globe. Built on 30 years of experience from the leader of aspirating smoke detection, Xtralis introduces VESDA-E VEP.

VESDA-E VEP delivers the latest Flair Detection Technology with the VESDA-E platform to establish a new benchmark in fire protection. Superior detection performance, increased reliability, improved usability and flexible connectivity ensure all users benefit from the new generation of VESDA detectors. Not to mention, VEP is designed to be backwards compatible with the world’s number one ASD, VESDA LaserPLUS.

VESDA-E VEP uses the Flair detection chamber, combining the latest laser-based light scattering technology with optical imaging to deliver higher sensitivity, better dust rejection and improve stability and longevity setting a new benchmark in smoke detection performance. 

VEP has been designed to improve user experience with out-of-box operation with smoke and flow auto-config to aid commissioning, intuitive 3.5” touchscreen display for immediate status reporting and remote access with iVESDA for system review and proactive maintenance. VEP supports Stax modules that allow expanded functionality including auto pipe cleaning and power supplies.

VESDA-VEP supports longer pipe runs for more flexible pipe network designs and convenient detector access, field replaceable parts for easier and faster servicing and reduced installation and monitoring costs reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Thoughtfully designed with the past in mind, VEP is backwards compatible with the world’s most trusted and dependable ASD, VESDA VLP with an identical physical and electrical footprint including pipe inlets, relays, functionality and placement. The VESDA VEP allows fast and seamless retrofit with the added benefit of the VESDA-E platform.

VESDA-E VEP, the future of aspirating smoke detection.

Backward Compatibility

The VESDA VEP range is fully compatible with existing VESDA installations and Xtralis offers a VESDA Detector Replacement Program to help bring your existing detectors up-to-date. By replacing ageing detection systems with new technology, detection system owners can save money by reducing emergency service and repair costs, and restore long-term performance and reliability.

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre is a complete system supplier and has been a major Xtralis technical wholesaler since 2007. This means we can offer expert advice and supply all aspects of fire detection including aspirating smoke detection systems, conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and linear heat detection.
Pipework Design
Eurofyre can also provide assistance with aspirating pipe network design to ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.
Demonstration and Training
We have a sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including VESDA VEP aspirating smoke detection systems.
After-Sales Support
Eurofyre prides itself on providing after-sales care and support that is second to none. We offer both on-site and telephone assistance to help you ensure that your system is fully operational and working at its best.

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