Key Features

  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Temperature-compensated charging to maximize battery life
  • Relay outputs for connection to the general-purpose input for fault monitoring
  • Knockouts designed to line up with VESDA detectors
  • Designed to blend in with Xtralis detectors


Xtralis Power Supply Units are technically matched to provide sufficient current and battery charging capacity for Xtralis aspirating smoke detectors (ASD), meeting the requirements of EN54-4. Xtralis Power Supply Units also perfectly match Xtralis’ range of aspirating smoke detection in style and appearance. 

Style E variants of the Xtralis PSU are VdS approved and CE marked to EN54-4 and are, therefore, particularly useful in applications where these approvals are required. They may also be suitable for use in areas where ISO 7240-4 is required.

Style E Product Range

Style E power supplies can all be operated on batteries alone which is very useful for initial commissioning of Xtralis detectors as mains power is often unavailable at this time. They perform full impedance checking of the batteries to ensure that the batteries are in good condition. They disconnect the load after a prolonged period of mains failure (more than 24 hours) to prevent permanent damage to the batteries and use a tiny current (< 3 mA) to monitor for the restoration of mains power after disconnecting the load to protect the batteries, thus ensuring that the batteries are unlikely to suffer a damaging deep discharge as long as the fault is attended to within seven days. 

There are three sizes available in the Style E product range:

VPS-220-E: 0.5 A load / 14 Ah batteries (max)

The VPS-220-E 0.5A load is the premier unit in the range. This version is designed to blend in with the VESDA VLP and VESDA VLS detectors and has the same footprint, colour and layout. 

Inside the unit is an EN54-4 approved power supply that is rated to provide a 0.5amp continuous 24V DC supply while simultaneously charging the batteries. This PSU is suitable for most multi-pipe ASD systems. Batteries can be installed using a 7, 2 or, uniquely, 14 amp/hour configuration.

Cable entry knockouts all line up with the VESDA VLP and VESDA VLS enclosures so the power supply can be installed directly adjacent to the detector. A quick visual indication of OK and/or fault is delivered by 2 LEDs on the front cover. 

VPS-215-E: 0.5 A load / 7 Ah batteries (max) 

This unit is intended as a low-cost unit to supply a single pipe ASD which only requires 7Ah batteries and is the budget unit in the range. It is a simple construction with no LEDs on the cover in order to keep the cost to a minimum. Despite this, the unit still compliments its corresponding ASD detector with cable entry knockouts lining up with the cable entries on a variety of Xtralis detectors, including the VESDA-VLC and the ICAM IAS and ICAM ILS products. The internal charger is EN54-4 approved and internal LEDs indicate OK (output healthy) and fault.

VPS-250-E: 2 A load / 38 Ah batteries (max)

VPS-250 power supplies are designed for installation with multiple detectors and/or remote displays. There is space for up to a 38Ah battery arrangement and the internal charger is EN54-4 approved. With four separate fused outputs, this is an extremely versatile unit which can deliver a combined, 24Vdc, load of 2 amps. There are two LEDs on the front cover to indicate OK or fault conditions and various knockouts are available to provide convenient cabling access to detectors, remote displays or subracks. 


Configuration Information

All Style E units are provided with two internal links as follows:

Battery monitoring link: This may be removed in non EN 54-4 installations so that the unit can be operated without batteries without signalling a fault.

Charge current link: This may be removed in non EN 54-4 installations to reduce the current allocated to the charger and thus make it available for the load – as indicated in the specifications given above.

Note: EN 54-4 requires that batteries are recharged to 80% within 24 hours of a full discharge while simultaneously supplying the maximum load current. The removal of either link invalidates the approval.

Tech Specs

Nominal AC  Supply VoltageVPS-220-E: 230 Vac (tested +10%—15%)
VPS-215-E: 230 Vac (tested +10%—15%)
VPS-250-E: 230 Vac (tested +10%—15%)
Power OutputVPS-220-E: 19.5-30 Vdc
VPS-215-E: 19.5-30 Vdc
VPS-250-E: 19.5-30 Vdc
LoadVPS-220-E: 0.5 / 1.0 amps  (1 amp not EN54-4)
VPS-215-E: 0.5 / 1.0 amps  (1 amp not EN54-4)
VPS-250-E: 2 / 3 amps (3 amps not EN54-4)
DimensionsVPS-220-E: 225 x 351 x 110mm
VPS-215-E: 226 x 286 x 113mm
VPS-250-E: 352 x 455 x 182mm
WeightVPS-220-E: 3 kg (without batteries) 14 kg (with max batteries)
VPS-215-E: 2.5kg (without batteries) 8kg (with max batteries)
VPS-250-E: 7 kg (without batteries) 35 kg (with max batteries)
TemperatureVPS-220-E: -5º to 40ºC ambient
VPS-215-E: -5º to 40ºC ambient
VPS-250-E: -5º to 40ºC ambient
HumidityVPS-220-E: 95% RH non-condensing
VPS-215-E: 95% RH non-condensing
VPS-250-E: 95% RH non-condensing
IP RatingVPS-220-E: IP30
VPS-215-E: IP30
VPS-250-E: IP30
Batteries (not supplied by Eurofyre)VPS-220-E:2 x 12 V, 12Ah 2 x 12 V, 12Ah 4 x 12 V, 7Ah*
VPS-215-E:2 x 12 V, 7Ah
VPS-250-E: 2 x 12 V, 38Ah
Batteries (not supplied by Xtralis)VPS-220-E: Yuasa NP (or equivalent)
VPS-215-E: Yuasa NP (or equivalent)
VPS-250-E: Yuasa NP (or equivalent)
Indications VPS-220-E: Output OK: green LED Fault: yellow LED Internal only
VPS-215-E: Output OK: green LED Fault: yellow LED External only
VPS-250-E: Output OK: green LED Fault: yellow LED External only
Fault RelayVPS-220-E: Change-over NO-COM-NC 1A @ 50 Vdc
VPS-215-E: Change-over NO-COM-NC 1A @ 50 Vdc
VPS-250-E: Change-over NO-COM-NC 1A @ 50 Vdc
Fuse RatingVPS-220-E: Battery: 3.15A fast AC supply – 1A HRC (both 20 mm)
VPS-215-E: Battery: 3.15A fast AC supply – 1A HRC (both 20 mm)
VPS-250-E: Battery: 5A fast AC supply – 2A HRC (both 20 mm) Output: 4x2A
Cable EntriesVPS-220-E: 5 off 20/25mm knockouts Various positions
VPS-215-E: 9 off 20/25mm knockouts Various positions
VPS-250-E: 7 off 20/25mm knockouts Various positions
Colour / FinishVPS-220-E: Light grey RAL 9018 texture Powdercoat
VPS-215-E: Light grey RAL 9018 texture Powdercoat
VPS-250-E: Light grey RAL 9018 texture Powdercoat
Mounting VPS-220-E: 4 x 5mm holes on 270 x 180mm centres
VPS-215-E: 4 x 5mm holes on 220 x 180mm centres
VPS-250-E: 4 x 5mm holes on 360 x 280mm centres

*Note: 4x7AH is allowed by EN 54-4 but may not be compliant with installation codes (e.g. BS5839-1).



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Xtralis 0.5A Output Power Supply, 24Vdc, 7Ah Batteries Max


Xtralis 0.5A Output Power Supply, 24Vdc, 14Ah Batteries Max


Xtralis 2A Output Power Supply, 24Vdc, 38Ah Batteries Max