Key Features

  • Optimising performance
  • Tough and durable
  • Chemical resistance properties
  • Quick release
  • Compatible with VESDA, VESDA-E, ICAM, FAAST, Airsense and Securiton


When aspirating smoke detection systems are installed in dirty or dusty environments, various airborne particles can obscure sampling pipes and sampling holes. Therefore, it is recommended that sampling pipes are regularly cleaned by blowing low-pressure, oil-free compressed air through them in the reverse direction.

The VESDA 25mm Quick Release Airline assembly is used to aid this process. When installed close to the aspirating smoke detector, the quick release airline can be used to shut the air off to the detector while the compressed air delivery system can be easily and quickly connected to the quick-release connectors. This allows the air to be effectively blown through the system without damaging the detector.

It is essential that a spring loaded air release valve (22-018) is installed at the far end of the air sampling pipe run to prevent back-flow from an air-compressed pipe. This will automatically open to release excess pressure during the cleaning process.

Tech Specs




VESDA 25mm Quick Release Airline

VESDA 25mm Quick Release Airline