Key Features

  • Fast Installation
  • Allows Airflow around the LHD Cable
  • Quick Release and Insert
  • Nylon Construction
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen


The FyreLine Quick Release T-Clip is designed to provide clear airflow around linear heat detection sensing cable to ensure maximum sensitivity and operation. The T-Clip simplifies the installation and maintenance of linear heat sensing cable; its quick-release design enables fast installation of cables which can also be temporarily removed quickly and easily for routine maintenance or repairs, without having to remove the clip.

The sensitivity of a Linear Heat Detection System can be affected if long lengths of the cable are in physical contact with any surfaces. Quick Release T-Clips allow air to flow freely around the cable, increasing sensitivity. This also ensures that the cable is fully supported and that the risk of mechanical damage is mitigated. It is recommended that heat sensing cables are fixed at one-meter intervals using FyreLine Quick Release T-Clips. However, please consult your local standards for the correct spacing.

The FyreLine Quick Release T-Clip is compatible with most FyreLine systems as well as existing Proline TH linear heat detection systems. It also provides a direct alternative to the PR-001 T-Clip. Please note: The T-Clip is only suitable for cables with a diameter of up to 4mm2, please contact Eurofyre if you would like to check compatibility.

For use in installations that accept plastic fixings only.

Tech Specs

Melt Temperature220°C
FlammabilityTo UL 94
Maximum Cable Size4mm2




Quick Release Plastic T-Clip, 100 Pack

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