Welcome To Wi-Fyre


Welcome to Wi-Fyre, an exciting new brand from Eurofyre Ltd

Installation time, disruption to business and architectural conditions are all common problems for fire alarm installers.

With these points in mind, wireless fire detection is fast becoming a popular choice for those looking for fast installation speed and flexibility. However, until recently, wireless technology has only been available as a full system-based solution – making it nigh on impossible to combine wireless technology with older hard-wired systems.

Wi-Fyre has been developed to eliminate this problem, making wireless integration more flexible than ever before. Wi-Fyre allows hard-wired and wireless detection technologies to co-exist seamlessly, irrespective of the of the type, age or technology of the existing host system.

This approach means that wireless devices can be used whenever and wherever necessary, giving the designer flexibility to create a fire alarm system that offers complete protection without compromising system operation or building aesthetics. It also means that devices can be added to an existing hard-wired system without detailed planning or disruption.

We have a wide range of Wi-Fyre products to offer, including:

  • Wi-Fyre Wireless Transponder: With a choice of either blank face or LCD indication and control, the Wi-Fyre Transponder has been designed to communicate with up to 30 mixed field devices. 
  • Wi-Fyre Detectors: A variation of wireless detectors including:
    • Wireless optical detector (operating on the light scatter principle)
    • Wireless heat detector (operating on the rate-of-rise method)
    • Wireless high heat detector (a fixed heat detector giving an alarm at a temperature of 90ºC)
    • Wireless optical heat detector (combining the technologies of the optical detector and rate-of-rise heat detector)
  • Wireless Manual Call Point: Includes an operating element that mimics the feel of breaking glass yet is fully resettable.
  • Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder/Flasher: A wireless sounder with 8 user-selectable tones and volume control either with or without a combined LED flasher. The Wi-Fyre sounder is available with either a white or red finish. 

If you have any questions or require any more information about any Wi-Fyre products please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email to [email protected], by telephone on 01329 835024 or by submitting the contact form on our contact page.