VESDA for Agricultural Facilities


Agricultural facilities can vary in size and whether the facility caters for livestock or crops, they usually have a variety of different buildings. These can include packing sheds, milking parlours, barns and farmhouses. 

These buildings can contain valuable livestock, seed and grain, harvested produce and farm equipment. Therefore, every measure possible should be taken to protect them from fire.

What are the Risks?

Fuel Sources
Agricultural facilities often store varying sources of fuel such as petrol, diesel, LPG, hay and straw that can easily ignite and cause a fire to spread.
Maintenance Work
Equipment used to carry out maintenance such as welding or grinding equipment can provide a source of ignition, easily igniting nearby fuel sources if not treated correctly.
Malfunctioning Equipment
Poorly serviced electrical or mechanical equipment can also create excess heat or sparks that could easily ignite nearby flammable materials.
Incorrect Storage
If hay bales, grain and other produce is not stored correctly it can cause fires to spread very quickly.
Dust and dirt can be very flammable and cause a fire to spread very quickly if areas are not kept clean. This is particularly relevant in storage facilities or areas where wheat and grain is held.

What are the Challenges?

Dust and Dirt
Farm buildings can contain extremely high levels of dust and dirt. The materials they produce and store, and the very nature of the environment, can create very high levels of airborne contaminants.
Fumes from dangerous substances such as chemicals, fertilisers, poisons, asbestos and fuels can cause problems for some types of fire detection.
Access for maintenance can be limited in agricultural buildings, particularly if livestock is involved. Therefore, it would be beneficial to use a fire detection solution that can be installed outside of the main areas.
Large Spaces
Barns and storage facilities can be very large with open spaces. This can create some unique challenges for smoke detection; high-ceilings can cause smoke stratification and voluminous areas can delay the time it takes smoke to reach detectors.
Response Time
Due to the nature of the items stored in agricultural facilities, fires can spread incredibly quickly. When livestock is involved, a potential fire could prove fatal. Therefore, detection time is the key to preventing fires becoming out of hand and causing catastrophic damage.

The Solution

Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) can provide the perfect solution for protecting agricultural buildings and assets from fire. It is cost-effective, reliable, extremely fast and unaffected by airborne contaminants. 

ASD uses a network of sampling pipes and powerful fans to carry air from the protected areas. This enables ASD to detect fires extremely quickly (often before smoke is even visible to the human eye) and enables it to overcome the issues presented by unpredictable airflows. It also means that the detection units themselves can be installed outside of the protected area, making them easily accessible for routine maintenance.  

The VESDA range of aspirating smoke detectors provides the most advanced systems available today. Due to continuous research and development from Xtralis, ASD has developed from a specialist and niche technology to a fundamental part of the fire detection industry.  VESDA-E, Xtralis’ most recent range of detectors, now sets the benchmark for performance, reliability and stability.

The VESDA detector most commonly used in agricultural applications is the VESDA VLI Aspirating Smoke Detector:

VESDA VLI Aspirating Smoke Detection

VESDA VLI detectors are designed to protect industrial applications and harsh environments of up to 2000m2 (20,000 sq. ft.). VLI detectors combine a fail-safe intelligent filter (patent pending) with an advanced clean-air barrier for optics protection to provide incredibly fast and reliable detection, in even the harshest conditions. 

VESDA VLI’s intelligent filters reduce the level of pollution in the air sample before it enters the detection chamber, which dramatically extends the operational life of the detector in harsh and polluted environments. It is fully monitored and, therefore, provides consistent sensitivity over the entire operational life of the detector.

The detector is housed in a robust IP66-rated enclosure which provides complete protection against dust ingress and strong water jets from all directions. In the majority of industrial applications, specifically in agricultural properties, this eliminates the need to use expensive external IP enclosures, simplifying and reducing the cost of installation.

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Xtralis Gold Partner
Eurofyre has ‘Gold Channel Partner’ status with Xtralis – the market leader in aspirating smoke detection. This recognition displays our level of commitment, including excellent customer service and competitive pricing.
Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre is a complete system supplier and has been a major Xtralis technical wholesaler since 2007. This means we can offer expert advice and supply all aspects of fire detection including aspirating smoke detection systems, conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and linear heat detection.
Pipework Design
Eurofyre can also provide assistance with aspirating pipe network design to ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.
Demonstration and Training
We have a sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including VESDA-E aspirating smoke detection systems.
After-Sales Support
Eurofyre prides itself on providing after-sales care and support that is second to none. We offer both on-site and telephone assistance to help you ensure that your system is fully operational and working at its best.

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