Useful Aspirating Smoke Detection Accessories


Flexible Connectors

Flexible Aspiraiting Smoke Detection Pipe

The disadvantage of installing a large-bore aspirating smoke detection pipe run is the lack of flexibility in the direction. Changing the direction of a pipe run is generally done so by using either a 90 degree sweeping bend or a 45 degree bend. Flexible connectors on the other hand have the benefit of being positioned in any direction with no restriction to the air flow. They can also be useful when getting over obstacles such as a steel beam. Eurofyre are the suppliers for the following:

Part Code Description
22-014 Red 25mm Flexible Connector 30cm
22-015 Red 25mm Flexible Connector 100cm
22-050 White 25mm Flexible Connector 30cm
22-051 White 25mm Flexible Connector 100cm

Water Trap

Aspiraiting Smoke Detection Water Trap

One of the advantages of aspirating smoke detection is the environments they can be installed into, such as a washing down area. Precautions must be made in environments where water may enter sampling points. To overcome water contamination, water traps must be incorporated into the pipe runs. For a water trap to be the most effective, they must be installed at the lowest point of the pipework in between a U-bend. Eurofyre are the suppliers of the following manual drainage water traps:

Part Code Description
22-016 Red 25mm Sight Glass Condensation Drain
22-052 White 25mm Sight Glass Condensation Drain

Harsh Environment Filter

Aspiraiting Smoke Detection Harsh Environment Filter

All of the aspirating smoke detectors Eurofyre supply incorporate filtration to compensate with dust etc. however, in very dirty or dusty environments additional precautions must be made. Harsh environment filters are designed to stop unwanted dust/dirt entering the ASD. Eurofyre are the suppliers of the following:

Part Code Description
22-344 25mm Harsh Environment Filter Housing (Filter Element not Included)
22-345 Harsh Environment Filter Element for 22-344 Housing

Expansion Socket

Aspiraiting Smoke Detection Exspansion Socket

When designing an ASD system in an area where temperature fluctuates, expansion and contraction of the aspirating pipe must be taken into consideration. Expansion sockets allow for these types of movements. The design of a expansion socket is very similar to a pipe adapter, but is much longer in length to facilitate with the pipe movement. To keep an air-tight seal, rubber gaskets are used.

Aspirating Exspansion Socket *The picture above shows an unfixed expansion socket. The expansion socket Eurofyre supply includes a metal fixing bracket for 10/6mm rod. Expansion sockets should always be fixed into position to prevent the collapse of pipework.

Eurofyre are the supplier for the following:

Part Code Description
22-017 Red 25mm Pipe Expansion Socket

Test Point

Aspirating Smoke Detection Test Point

To measure the transport time, a small quantity of smoke is introduced at the furthest point and the measurement in time is calculated from when the smoke enters the sampling point to when the ASD reacts. The maximum transport time is 120 seconds (2 minutes). Test points are the ideal solution for flexibility and convenience. They are installed at the end of the pipe run, however for areas such as a lift shaft where accessibility is limited, the pipe run can be brought into a riser. We also supply a capillary sampling point test kit. Eurofyre are the suppliers of the following:

Part Code Description
22-013 Red ABS 25mm Air Sampling Test Point
22-049 White ABS 25mm Air Sampling Test Point
22-088 Red 25mm Capillary Kit Test Point with Cap/Tee
22-091 Natural 25mm Capillary Kit Test Point with Cap/Tee

Removable Union

Aspiraiting Smoke Detection Removable Union

ASD’s like any fire alarm system require regular maintenance to ensure reliable performance. Aspirating smoke detection systems are classed as low maintenance compared to a point detector system, however they are not “no maintenance”. A removable union allows for a clean breakage in the pipe for maintenance access such as vacuuming the pipe. Eurofyre are the suppliers of the following:

Part Code Description
22-003 Red ABS 25mm Removable Union
22-042 White ABS 25mm Removable Union