Product Spotlight – OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector


Reflective optical beam smoke detectors use a projected beam of light to detect smoke across large areas. They are best suited to large, open areas where standard point smoke detectors would be ineffective or uneconomical.

Optical beam smoke detectors work on the principle of light obscuration. A reflective optical beam smoke detector incorporates a light transmitter and the detector in the same unit and the light path is created by reflecting light emitted from the transmitter off a retroreflector that is placed opposite the detector. The presence of smoke blocks some of the light from the beam typically through either absorbance or light scattering and, once a certain percentage of the transmitted light has been blocked by the smoke, the detector sends an alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel. 

Optical beam smoke detectors are typically used to detect fires in large commercial and industrial buildings, as components in a larger fire alarm system.

OSID Reflective Introduction

OSID (Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detection) is Xtralis’ innovative range of beam detection devices. 

The OSID-RE is a reflector type linear optical beam smoke detector. It is a combined transmitter/receiver unit that can be connected directly to a conventional detector circuit. 

The infrared transmitter and receiver imager sends a beam of light towards a high efficiency reflector which returns the beam to the receiver. The received signal is analysed and the change in strength of the received signal is used to determine the alarm condition.

The receiver imager has a wide field of view (12°) and automatically tracks the reflector in case of building movement or movement of its supporting structure. This makes it practically impossible for the receiver to lose the reflector unless there is damage caused to the building, thus eliminating the most common cause of false alarms and faults that are typical of traditional beam detectors.

OSID-RE systems use high-speed image acquisition, optical filtering and intelligent software algorithms to deliver increased stability with greater resistance to high-level lighting variability. The detector will not send a signal of alarm when saturated by sunlight, reflected sunlight or any other bright light sources. Nor will it alarm for partial and sudden blockage.

Key Features

5 to 100m Range

50° Horizontal and 20° Vertical Beam Alignment

Highly Resistant to Building Movement

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