Key Features

  • Combined transmitter and receiver unit
  • Wide 12° field of view
  • Range of 5-100m (16-328ft)
  • Single IR wavelength
  • Automatic drift compensation


The OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector is a reflector type linear optical beam smoke detector. It operates primarily on the principle of light obscuration using an infrared (IR) beam. These detectors are especially suitable for use in buildings with large open spaces such as atriums and warehouses. OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detectors are combined transmitter and receiver units and can be connected to a conventional detector circuit.

This combined transmitter and receiver imager projects a beam of light towards a high efficiency reflector which returns the beam to the receiver. The change in signal received by the detector unit is used to determine the alarm condition.

The receiver imager has a wide field of view (FoV) of 12° and automatically tracks the reflector in case of building movement making it virtually impossible for the receiver to lose the reflector without any structural damage to the building. This greatly reduces the risk of nuisance alarms and faults.

OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detectors use optical filtering, high-speed image acquisition and intelligent software algorithms to provide higher levels of stability and greater resistance to high level lighting variability. Therefore, these detectors have better resistance to sunlight and intruding objects. 

The alignment of the detector is extremely fast, accurate and intuitive. The imager can be turned freely in all directions to allow the user to align it perfectly with the reflector. LED alignment arrows on the unit aid the user in positioning by indicating which way the detector must be moved. A laser tool can also be used to aid alignment and fine-tune the positioning of the reflector and detector. Once the detector is perfectly aligned, the LED indicator arrows turn green and the detector can be locked into position. 

A paintable cover is then placed over the front of the detector to hide the alignment arrows and locking mechanism and secure the locking lever in locked position.

The sensitivity of the detector is selected and set automatically at the optimum sensitivity based on the size of the reflector measured in the FoV. The OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector also includes automatic drift compensation, where the detector will adjust its detection thresholds in line with any long term signal reduction of the beam caused by contamination of the optical surfaces. 

An internal heating option is also provided to prevent condensation on the optical surface. 


Tech Specs

Operating Voltage Range10.2 to 32 VDC (12 or 24 VDC nominal)
Maximum Standby Current @32 VDC: 7mA
@24 VDC: 11mA
@12 VDC: 20mA
@10.2 VDC: 50mA
Maximum Alarm Current (LED on) @32 VDC: 11mA @24 VDC: 15mA@12 VDC: [email protected] VDC: 54mA
Resistance to building movementHorizontal: 0.8° Vertical: 1°
Application Temperature Range-20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Product UL listed for use from 0°C to 37.8°C (32°F to 100°F).
Humidity0 to 95% Relative Humidity (non- condensing)
Weight OSI-RE1.12 kg (2.48 lbs)
Shipping weight OSI-RE1.77 kg (3.91 lbs)
Wire Gauge for Terminals 14 AWG (2.08 mm2)
ColourLyric White  
Detector (W x H x D)254mm × 152.4mm × 114.3mm
(10” x 6” x 4.5”)
Reflector200mm x 230mm
(7.87” x 9.06“)


OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector Datasheet


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OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector

OSID Reflective Smoke Beam Detector

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