Product Spotlight – Li-ion Tamer Monitoring Sensor


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery arrays are used to provide back-up power for call centres, data centres and a plethora of other applications that require a back-up power supply. Li-ion batteries provide high-capacity storage. Their power delivery can be controlled very easily, which makes them the perfect solution for a variety of applications. 

While Li-ion batteries are becoming more and more popular, they still have their flaws; they can be extremely volatile. Lithium-ion batteries contain very flammable electrolytes. If they are overcharged, damaged or treated incorrectly they can explode or start fires with catastrophic consequences. When one cell in a battery fails, it can cause other cells to fail, causing a domino effect that jumps from cell to cell, battery to battery and rack to rack. 

Fortunately, there are a number of sophisticated battery monitoring systems available to detect cell failure at the earliest possible opportunity so that any potential fires can be assessed and dealt with before serious harm is caused. 

Li-ion Battery Failure

There are several stages to Li-ion battery failure. The first stage is when the cell becomes damaged. This may be caused by thermal abuse, electrical abuse or mechanical abuse. Once the cell is damaged, electrolytes break down and generate gas which is released from the cell in an off-gas event. Some time after the off-gas event occurs, smoke starts to secrete from the battery, this is the final stage of failure before the battery explodes or catches fire. 

Li-ion Tamer

The Li-ion Tamer is a rack monitoring system for lithium-ion battery racks. It provides exceptionally early warning of battery failure by detecting the gas that is released during an off-gas event. This means that potential fires can be detected and dealt with quickly and effectively.

The Li-ion Tamer rack monitor provides single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of the cells by using sensors to monitor the air inside the rack. It is easy to install and is compatible with all Li-ion battery form factors and chemistries.

Li-ion Tamer Monitoring Sensor

Li-ion Tamer Monitoring Sensors are easy-to-install, unobtrusive, compact devices that are used to monitor the lithium-ion batteries for failure. They are acutely sensitive to battery electrolyte solvent vapours which allows them to pick up the gas that is released during the early stages of failure. 

These sensors are calibration-free and can detect failure often faster than traditional monitoring methods such as temperature and voltage monitoring. Once the detector is exposed to electrolyte solvent vapours, it sends a signal to the Li-ion Tamer Controller which will then act accordingly.

Li-ion Tamer Monitoring Sensors are ETL listed to UL61010, are EN 60326-1 certified for EU Directive (2014/30/EU) and are RoHS 3 EU 2015/863 compliant.

Typical Wiring Diagram

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