Product Spotlight – Li-ion Tamer Controller


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used all over the world. The power that Li-ion batteries deliver can be easily controlled making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. As such, they are commonly used for tasks such as powering our mobile phones, laptops and tablets, as well as supplying energy to medical equipment, electric vehicles and power tools. They are also used for more power intensive tasks such as providing back-up power for call centres, data centers and a variety of other facilities that require a back-up power solution.

Unfortunately, despite being very popular, Li-ion batteries are extremely volatile. They contain highly flammable electrolytes that, if overcharged, mistreated or damaged, can explode or catch fire. Once one cell in a battery fails it can cause other cells to fail. A single cell failure can pass from cell to cell, battery to battery and rack to rack leaving a wake of destruction in its path.

There are typically four stages to Li-ion cell failure:

Initiation Abuse Factor
The cell failure is initiated by some form of electrical, thermal or mechanical abuse.
Off-Gas Generation
As the battery begins to fail, electrolytes break down and generate gas that is released from the cell in an off-gas event.
Smoke Generation
If no action is taken during the off-gas event, the next stage is smoke generation. This is an indication that the cell has reached the stage of thermal runaway and that the cell is likely to experience rapid disassembly at any moment.
Fire Generation
Once smoke generation has begun, the battery is in an extremely vulnerable state and can catch fire or explode at any moment.

As the use of Li-ion batteries increases, more and more technologies are being developed to monitor the condition of the cells in a battery to detect any failures before they reach the point of explosion or fire. One of the most effective Li-ion rack monitors on the market today is the Li-ion Tamer from Xtralis.

Li-ion Tamer

The Li-ion Tamer rack monitoring system provides an extremely early warning of battery failure. It does this by detecting the gas that is released during an off-gas event. This gives the user a chance to investigate, assess and deal with a cell failure before it causes irreversible damage.

The Li-ion Tamer uses sensors to monitor the air inside and around the rack to provide single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of the cells. Li-ion Tamer battery rack monitoring systems are easy-to-install and are compatible with all forms of Li-ion batteries.

Li-ion Tamer Controller

Li-ion Tamer rack monitor systems are comprised of three key components:

  • Li-ion Tamer Controller
  • Li-ion Tamer Monitoring Sensors
  • Li-ion Tamer Reference Sensors

The Li-ion Tamer controller is the brains of the operation. It is installed in a separate location to the batteries and monitors the signal from the sensors. The Li-ion Tamer Controller aggregates the signal from both the monitoring sensors and reference sensors to provide fast and reliable detection of off-gas events while reducing the risk of false alarm.

Typical Wiring Diagram

The Li-ion Tamer Controller offers plug-and-play installation and has two types of communication protocol; digital outputs and Modbus serial communication. Each protocol reports if a monitoring sensor has been activated and can also report which monitor has triggered the alert. This allows the user to quickly identify which rack has reported the off-gas event.

Up to 12 monitor sensors and 3 reference sensors can be monitored by each Li-ion Tamer Controller.

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