Product Spotlight – ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector


The ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector by Xtralis offers a flexible detection solution that meets the needs and requirements of a variety of different industrial and commercial applications. ICAM ILS detectors are compact, waterproof, rugged and extremely versatile which makes them suitable for both general coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets and ductwork. Suitable for both medium sensitivity and multi-hole Class C applications, ICAM ILS detectors can meet the unique requirements of commercial spaces such as lift shafts, the tamper-proof and unobtrusive requirements of special accommodation facilities or can simply be used to replace spot detectors in offices.

How it Works

The ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector uses a powerful, high-performance aspirator and sophisticated, software configurable, flow monitoring circuitry to actively draw air from the protected area via a network of sampling pipes. The air is then filtered to protect the detectors from dust and other contaminants before it enters the detection chamber. Once inside the detection chamber, the air is analysed by medium sensitivity laser spot (point) detectors.

Dry contact relays are used to communicate alert, action and alarm states which are also indicated via LEDs in the detector’s display. The display also features a ten element bar graph that can be adjusted for low and high flow thresholds.


ICAM ILS aspirating smoke detectors are fully approved for safe use in any European Union (EU) country by VdS and comply with EN45-20:2006 + AC:2008; the British Standard for fire detection and fire alarm systems – control and indication equipment. They also bear the CE mark, which indicates that they comply with all the applicable directives including EMC, CPR and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Key Features

Pipe lengths

The high-power aspirator that is used in ICAM detectors enables a total of 100m (linear) of sampling pipe per inlet.

Class sensitivity

ILS detectors can provide reliable detection for Class A, B or C EN54-20 sensitivity classes.

Multiple configuration and detection strategies

The ILS system is available with one (ILS-1) or two (ILS-2) inlet pipes and can be fitted with one or two detectors per system. ILS systems fitted with two detectors can be configured to suit a number of detection strategies such as single addressable areas, redundancy, coincident/double-knock and dual addressable areas.

Programming and diagnostics

ICAM ILS detectors can be configured using the well-known Xtralis VSC software or locally using an integrated programming interface. ICAM ILS detectors offer three alarm levels, the sensitivity threshold, fan speed and flow sensitivity for which can be individually programmed.

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre has represented Xtralis as a major technical wholesaler since 2007. We are a complete aspirating smoke detection system supplier which means we can offer expert advice and supply all aspects of aspiration smoke detection including Aspirating Smoke Detectors, Power supplies and Pipework.
Pipework Design
Eurofyre can also provide assistance with aspirating pipe network design to ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.
Demonstration and Training
We have a sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including the Xtralis ICAM ILS aspirating smoke detection system.
After-sales Support
Eurofyre prides itself on providing after-sales care and support that is second to none. We offer both on-site and telephone assistance to help you ensure that your system is fully operational and working at its best.

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