Product Spotlight – FyreLine Digital Nylon LHD Cable



FyreLine Digital provides fast and reliable linear heat detection. It is available at rated temperatures of 68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C to suit a wide range of applications and is not affected by dust and dirt or other contaminants.

FyreLine Digital heat sensing cable is available with a variety of different outer coatings to suit a plethora of environments. These include outer sheaths made from PVC, stainless steel braid, high temperature coating and nylon.

FyreLine Digital Nylon Coated Linear Heat Sensing Cable 

Nylon coated cable is most commonly used when hazardous hydrocarbons such as fuel oils, diesel and kerosene are present. The nylon coating is also black in colour which protects the cable from UV rays when used in direct sunlight. It is also extremely durable, offering increased protection against mechanical abrasion.

Typical Applications

As nylon coated heat sensing cable is unaffected by hazardous hydrocarbons and UV rays and offers increased durability, it is well suited to applications such as:

Solar Panel Arrays
Solar is a popular way of creating carbon-free energy. Solar arrays are often found on the roofs of large-scale warehouse facilities, stores, distribution centres and industrial buildings to help companies save money and reduce their carbon footprint.
Nylon coated heat sensing cable can be installed along the highest longitudinal support bar of a solar panel’s metal framework to provide reliable and cost-effective detection. The cable’s nylon coating helps to protect the cable from UV light and provides additional mechanical protection.
Grain Silos
Grain silos are simple structures with few high-tech components. However, they still have a number of fire safety risks.
FyreLine Digital linear heat sensing cable, with nylon coating, can be installed around the silo, using catenary wire to support the cable where necessary. The nylon coating protects the cable from sunlight while offering increased protection from mechanical abrasion and hazardous chemicals that may be present in the silo.
Parking Facilities
Parking facilities can see thousands of cars pass through everyday. They are regularly subjected to fuel and oil spills, exhaust fumes and sunlight.
Nylon coated linear heat detection cable can be installed in the ceiling around parking bays where its nylon coating will keep it safe from harmful substances and sunlight.
Pumps and Pipelines
Though chemically stable substances can be transported through a pipeline, they are most commonly used to carry oils and gases, sewage, slurry, water and beer. Pipelines also often run above ground leaving them exposed to sunlight.
Nylon coated heat sensing cables can be installed around equipment that is at risk of fire and along pipelines to ensure maximum protection. The cable’s nylon coating will help to keep it safe from UV exposure and hazardous chemicals.
Earth Movers
Earth movers come in all shapes and sizes. Engine bays in particular often have high levels of atmospheric gases and varying temperatures.
Nylon coated FyreLine linear heat detection cable can be installed around engine bays and any other areas that may be prone to overheating. The nylon coating around the cable will protect it from fuel and oils while offering increased protection against mechanical abrasion.

Product Approvals

FyreLine nylon coated digital linear heat detection cables are fully approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). They are also CE marked to show that they comply with all the applicable directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Sensing Cable Construction

FyreLine Digital heat sensing cable is made up of two tri-metallic conductors that are coated with a temperature-sensitive polymer. The two conductors are then twisted together and wrapped in a protective coating. When the temperature sensitive polymer reaches its temperature rating, it melts. This causes the tri-metallic cores to come in contact with each other. The resulting short triggers a message to the fire alarm control panel that a fire or overheat event has occurred.

Typical Wiring Diagram

FyreLine Digital Wiring Diagram

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