Linear Heat Detection for Earth Movers


Earth movers fall under the category of heavy machinery or heavy equipment. These terms relate to heavy-duty vehicles that are designed to perform construction tasks and, in particular, those that involve earthwork operations.

Earthmovers are typically made up of five equipment systems; implement, traction, structure, powertrain and control and information.

Heavy equipment uses mechanical advantage to multiply the ratio between input force applied and force exerted, with some using hydraulic drives as a primary source of motion.

What are the Fire Risks Associated with Earth Movers?

Heavy machinery such as this, often has a number of fire risks, due to the immense loads that they have to endure, including:

Earth Movers

  • Overheating
    Due to long operating hours and colossal strain that earth movers withstand, engines and moving parts can overheat, often resulting in fire.
  • Flammable liquids
    To operate, earth movers use many flammable fuels and oils such as diesel and hydraulic fluid. If fuel lines become damaged, due to the gruelling nature of the tasks these machines perform, fuel and oil can leak onto hot equipment and ignite.
  • Ignition Sources
    Like in most vehicles, there are a number of ignition sources in and around earth movers. Electrical equipment such as wiring looms, lights and batteries can spark if they become faulty. As well as this, spark plugs, coils and other components of ignition system can also be a risk.

What are the Challenges Associated with Earth Movers?

Earth movers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Engine bays in particular often have high levels of atmospheric gases and varying temperatures. This means that traditional types of heat or fire detection will likely be ineffective.

Contaminants such as dirt, dust and oil may also pose a problem for less sophisticated detection types.

What is the Solution?

FyreLine Digital

FyreLine linear heat detection can provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for protecting vehicles such as these from fire. FyreLine heat sensing cable is capable of detecting fire or excess heat at any point along its length and gives an advanced warning of fire.

FyreLine linear heat detection cable can be installed around engine bays and any other areas that may be prone to overheating and is available with a nylon coating for use in areas with fluctuating temperatures and a presence of atmospheric gas. Nylon coating is extremely durable; it is safe for use where hydrocarbons such as fuel and oils are present and provides increased mechanical protection.

FyreLine is available in two different versions. However, for applications such as this FyreLine Digital is most suitable:

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FyreLine Digital offers fixed heat detection with temperature ratings of 68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C. Once the cable reaches its rated temperature, a signal is sent to the control panel, indicating that fire, or excess heat, has been detected.

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