Product Spotlight – FyreLine Analogue Controller


FyreLine Analogue is a robust, cost effective and easy-to-install linear heat detection system from Eurofyre. It provides an early warning of overheat or fire events and is designed to interface with standard fire alarm panels or addressable monitor modules.

FyreLine Analogue heat sensing cable can detect excess heat at any point along its length.  It can provide the precise position along the length of the cable where an event has triggered, enabling responders to find the exact location of a fire very quickly and deal with it accordingly before too much damage is caused.

FyreLine Analogue can be installed alongside or in place of conventional heat detectors.  It is well suited to a wide range of applications and environments, including those where traditional style detection may be unsuitable, difficult to install or too expensive. However, FyreLine Analogue is particularly well suited to provide localised detection of cable trays, escalators, conveyors and other electrical or mechanical equipment where the risk of fire may be hidden from view.

FyreLine Analogue Controller

A FyreLine Analogue linear heat detection system consists of two key components; a control module and detection cable. 

Installed between the heat sensing cable and the fire alarm control panel, the FyreLine Analogue Controller monitors the resistance of the uniquely crafted heat sensing cable.

The resistance of the cable changes as its temperature rises and falls and, when an abnormal change in resistance occurs, the controller records the event as either a pre-alarm or alarm and signals the fire alarm control panel accordingly via the unit’s relay outputs.

The FyreLine Analogue Controller is easy-to-install and can be commissioned using a standard laptop computer or a built-in self programming module.

FyreLine Analogue Controller
FyreLine Analogue Controller
FyreLine Analogue Controller
FyreLine Analogue Controller


FyreLine Analogue Controllers are approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and bear the CE mark to show that they comply with all applicable directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Alarm & Pre-alarm Conditions

FyreLine Analogue Controllers can be configured to respond to temperatures between 54°C and 100°C during installation. Once the cable reaches the pre-defined temperature, an alarm or pre-alarm signal is initiated by the controller; the corresponding indicator light will be lit and the relay activated.

Once the alarm has been cleared the unit can be reset remotely or will reset automatically when the temperature drops below the alarm temperature.

The available pre-alarm temperatures are dependent on the alarm temperature that has been set. This is shown on the table below:

Selected Alarm TemperatureAvailable Pre-alarm Temperature(s) 
64°C / 147.2°F54°C
72°C / 161.6°F54°C, 64°C
79°C / 174.2°F54°C, 64°C, 71°C
86°C / 186.8°F54°C, 64°C, 71°C, 79°C
100°C / 212°F54°C, 64°C, 71°C, 79°C, 93°C

Why Choose Eurofyre?

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Eurofyre manufactures and supplies all aspects of fire detection including linear heat detection and its associated products and can provide expert advice and consultation.
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We offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including FyreLine linear heat detection systems, in our very own sophisticated training facility.
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Eurofyre offers both on-site and telephone support to assist you in ensuring that your system is fully functional and operating at maximum efficiency. Our after-sales care and support are second to none.

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