Product Spotlight – FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detector



FAAST FLEX is an advanced aspirating smoke detection system from Xtralis. It has been designed specifically to provide Class A, B or C detection for areas up to 2,000m2 where configurability, sensitivity and very early warning of fire are required.

These detectors deliver flexible and cost-effective smoke detection for a variety of different applications such as small to medium-sized warehouses, lift shafts, ceiling voids, cold storage facilities and more.

Available as either a one or two-channel ASD solution, the FAAST FLEX system continuously draws air from the monitored environment through a series of sampling holes to monitor the environment for smoke particles. Each channel has an inlet, a metallic filter, a sensing element and a flow monitoring system in place to provide constant detection with minimal nuisance alarms.

Pre-engineered pipe network designs make installation and commissioning extremely easy and system configuration can be carried out without the need for specialist tools. These detectors also have a reversible cover so that they can be installed with the inlet pipes either at the top or bottom of the unit. 

A Bluetooth interface allows these detectors to be paired with a smartphone application that offers extended configuration options and rapid diagnostics.

The modular design on which Xtralis has based this product allows for convenient in-field service and field replaceable components, thus reducing total cost of ownership.


Key Features

  • EN54-20 Aspirating Smoke Detection Sensitivity Classes
    FAAST FLEX detectors can be configured to suit all three sensitivity classes (CLass A, Class B and Class C) as specified in EN54-20.
  • Pipe lengths of up to 105m
    FAAST FLEX supports both linear and branch pipe lengths. Single-channel detectors support a linear pipe length of up to 105m or two branches of 105m, while the dual-channel version supports two linear lengths of up to 105 or four branch pipe lengths of up to 105m each.
  • Up to 2000m2 area coverage
    The one-channel version of FAAST FLEX can protect an area up to 1600m² while the two-channel variant is designed to protect areas upto 2000m².
  • Coincident detection (double-knock) using the dual channel variant
    The dual channel variant can provide coincidence detection to provide verification of alarm signals. An alarm will only be triggered when both channels have detected a presence of smoke.
  • Quiet operation with adjustable fan speed
    FAAST FLEX detectors are incredibly quiet making it suitable for use in a variety of applications.

Achievable Pipe Network Layouts

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Xtralis Gold Partner
Eurofyre has ‘Gold Channel Partner’ status with Xtralis – the market leader in aspirating smoke detection. This recognition displays our level of commitment, including excellent customer service and competitive pricing.
Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre is a complete system supplier and has been a major Xtralis technical wholesaler since 2007. This means we can offer expert advice and supply all aspects of fire detection including aspirating smoke detection systems, conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and linear heat detection.
Pipework Design
Eurofyre can also provide assistance with aspirating pipe network design to ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.
Demonstration and Training
We have a sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including FAAST FLEX aspirating smoke detection systems.
After-Sales Support
Eurofyre prides itself on providing after-sales care and support that is second to none. We offer both on-site and telephone assistance to help you ensure that your system is fully operational and working at its best.

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