Key Features

  • One or Two-channel Version Available
  • Out-of-the-Box Operation
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Modular Design
  • Field-Replaceable Components



FAAST is an advanced aspirating smoke detection system for use where configurability, sensitivity and very early warning are required. The system continuously draws air from the monitored environment through a series of sampling holes to monitor the environment for smoke particles.


FAAST FLEX aspirating smoke detectors provide a highly-flexible and cost-effective aspirating smoke detection solution for a wide range of applications such as small to medium sized warehouses, cold storage facilities, lift shafts, ceiling voids, underfloor voids, transformer and electrical rooms and many more. 

FAAST FLEX is available as a one-channel or two-channel detector. Each sensing channel consists of an inlet, a metallic filter, a sensing element and a flow monitoring system. FAAST FLEX detectors use an improved detection chamber design to provide constant detection with minimal nuisance alarms.

These innovative detectors allow a high degree of flexibility through pre-engineered pipe network design and out-of-the-box operation. They have a built-in user-friendly configuration and control mechanism and can be configured without the need for specialist tools.

FAAST FLEX detectors offer extended configuration options and rapid diagnostics via a Bluetooth interface and associated smartphone applications. They are easy-to-install with direct mounting and installation can be completed by one person.

FAAST FLEX allows convenient in-field service and maintenance due to its modular design and field-replaceable components; minimising downtime and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Area Coverage

The one-channel version of FAAST FLEX is designed to protect an area up to 1600m² while the two-channel variant is designed to protect areas upto 2000m².

EN54-20 Aspirating Smoke Detection Sensitivity Classes

EN54-20 specifies three classes of sensitivity to help with the variety of applications aspirating smoke detection can be used for. This is to ensure that the most appropriate sensitivity aspirating smoke detector will be selected for the proposed application/area.

These three classes are:

  • Class A – Very High Sensitivity
    For the earliest indication of smoke so that early measures can be initiated before any significant damage is incurred in areas containing high value, critical or strategically important artefacts or operations such as data centres.
  • Class B – Enhanced Sensitivity
    Enhanced sensitivity for effective early detection in challenging environments or within critical equipment e.g. to combat smoke dilution where there is high airflow or where the ceiling is higher than normal.
  • Class C – Normal Sensitivity
    As an alternative to point or beam type smoke detectors (normal sensitivity) for a variety of physical reasons e.g. maintenance access, building deflection, dilution of smoke and obstructions to line-of-sight such as cold stores and warehouse facilities.

FAAST FLEX can be configured to suit all three sensitivity classes:

Class ASingle Channel – 5 Holes
Dual Channel – 8 Holes
Class BSingle Channel – 15 Holes
Dual Channel – 28 Holes
Class CSingle Channel – 32 Holes
Dual Channel – 56 Holes

Pipe Lengths

FAAST FLEX can support linear pipe lengths and branch pipe lengths.

Single ChannelLinear Pipe Length – 1 x105m (344ft)
Branch Pipe Length – 2 x 105m (344ft) or 4 x 68m (223ft)
Dual ChannelLinear Pipe Length – 2 x 105m (344ft)
Branch Pipe Length – 4 x 105m (344ft) or 8 x 49m (161ft)


The FAAST FLEX can be mounted either in standard orientation or inverted. This means that it can be installed so that either the inlet or outlet pipes can be positioned at the top of the installation. The access and location of the inlet and outlet pipes is usually the determining factor in selecting the orientation.

Pipe Size

The FAAST FLEX is designed to accommodate either 27mm or 25mm pipe.


FAAST FLEX uses push-down terminal blocks for fast, tool-free connection.


The FAAST FLEX can be configured by a DIP switch or an extended configuration mode is available for custom installation.  A guide to DIP switch configuration options is etched on the internal covers of the blower and sensors.

The FAAST FLEX detector offers extended configuration options and rapid diagnostics via its Bluetooth interface and associated smartphone applications.


The FAAST FLEX front panel has six indicator LEDs to communicate status information such as alarm, action, power and fault to the operator.



The FAAST FLEX is fully approved by VdS for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bears the CE mark to show that it complies with all the applicable Directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

EN54-20:2006 + AC:2008 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Control and indicating equipment.

Tech Specs

Voltage Range24Vdc Nominal
Supply Current (@24 VDC 25°C) Single Channel Model: 400 mA (max) @ 24Vdc
Dual Channel Model: 450 mA (max) @ 24Vdc
General Purpose Input (GPI) Activation Time 2s (min)
Relay Contact Ratings 2A @ 30Vdc, 0.5A @ 30Vdc
Operating TemperatureAmbient: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F) Sampled Air: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
Operating Humidity10-93% RH, non-condensing
Flow Fault± 20% of the reference flow
IP Rating IP40
Exterior Dimensions (H x W x Dmm)204 x 280 x 80.5mm
Wiring0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² maximum
Single Channel Model Linear pipe length: 2 X 105m Branched pipe length: 4 X 68m
Maximum Number of HolesRefer to section “22 Piping Design Guidelines” for more information.
Pipe Spec (EN54-20 Compliance)EN 61386 (Crush 1, Impact 1, Temp 31)
Outside Pipe Diameter27 mm (nom) or 25 mm (nom) with plug/adapter
Shipping Weight1.7 kg (including sensors)



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FAAST FLEX, 1 Pipe, 1 Area Aspirating Smoke Detector


FAAST FLEX, 2 Pipe, 1 Area Aspirating Smoke Detector