Product Spotlight – Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstation


Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems provide two-way communication between people who need assistance with evacuation and the emergency services. EVCs are fixed, monitored and maintained communications systems that allow voice communication in either direction between a central control point and other points, known as outstations, that are located around the building. 

Outstations typically consist of a telephone or hands free communication panel where the person in need of assistance can call for help. 

People who are disabled or use a wheelchair can sometimes have difficulty evacuating a building in the event of an emergency. Disabled refuge outstations typically consist of at least one outstation that provides hands-free communication with the building’s master station and provides a relatively safe place for them to wait for someone to come and help them.

Crisis Disabled Refuge

Crisis EVC systems combine disabled refuge, fire telephone and assist calls on one single network. This provides significant savings over separate systems, providing an easy-to-install, low-maintenance package.

Crisis EVC systems are suitable for installations with up to eight lines of communication. These systems are easy to use, with eight front panel buttons and LED status indicators, and can monitor disabled refuge, fire telephones and emergency assistance alarms as standard.

Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstation

Designed to meet the requirements of a Type B outstation with an integral audio frequency induction loop (AFILS), Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations have a high contrast design that incorporates a highly visible braille-enhanced call button that flashes green in normal conditions, flashes red when ringing, and is solid red when a call is connected.

The integrated AFILS supports improved hearing and communication for people with a hearing impairment. Audio induction loops, hearing loops or Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILS) provide an assistive listening system for people affected by hearing impairments, particularly for those who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant. This means Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act, providing non-discriminatory services in public access areas.

Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations are supplied with a brushed, stainless steel finish, are available as a flush or surface mounted version and are compatible with the Crisis standalone and network systems. 


Key Features

Unlike other disabled refuge systems on the market, Crisis, due to it’s integral approach, does not require separate local mains supply, battery back-up or fault monitoring, resulting in reduced installation costs.

Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations are wired, and powered, using a standard two-core line circuit. Battery back-up is provided from the Crisis Master Station.

Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations meet the field strength requirements set out for induction loops in BS EN 60118-4.

Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstations include a braille call button with high brightness LEDs that flash green in normal conditions, flash red when ringing, and are solid red when a call is connected.

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