Key Features

  • Fully compliant to BS5839-9:2011
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Integral induction loop (AFILS)
  • LED and Braille enhanced call button
  • Flush or surface mount


All Crisis Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS) are designed to comply fully with the requirements of BS5839-9:2011 for use as a fire telephone system (FT), disabled refuge system (DRS) or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge call points are required. An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system to assist fire fighters during emergencies in high rise buildings or large sites where radio
communication cannot be guaranteed to work due to interference from the fire corona.

Designed to meet the requirements of a Type B outstation with an integral audio frequency induction loop (AFILS). The design has been optimised to produce the horizontal field as required by BS5839-9:2011, overcoming the limitations traditionally associated with a wall mounted induction loop. Type B outstations should be placed in disabled refuge locations as described in Building Regulations Approved Document B and BS9999:2008.

To aid location the unit has a high contrast design incorporating a highly visible Braille enhanced call button which flashes green in normal conditions, flashes red when ringing, and is solid red when a call is connected. The Crisis Type B Refuge Outstation is compatible with the Crisis standalone and network systems. The outstation is supplied with a brushed stainless finish and a green flashing button to aid location and is available in flush or surface mount version. The outstation is compatible with the full range of Crisis master stations and system expander panels and is fully monitored and battery backed up.

Type B outstations should be mounted at a height 1200mm from the centre line to the finished floor level to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Document M (Access for the Disabled) and the measurement requirements of BS5839-9:2011. Once the outstation is mounted, the supplied sign should be placed adjacent to the outstation to give instructions and identify the point.


Tech Specs

StandardsCompliant with:
BS5839-9:2011, BS9999:2017
EMC: EN55103-1:2009 and EN55103-2:2009
LVD: EN60950-1:2006
CablingEnhanced (refer to BS5839-9:2011 for exceptions)
*Cable Type: 1 x 2-core 1.5mm Screened
Maximum Distance: 500
WeightSurface: 1.20kg (2.645lbs)
Flush: 0.80kg (1.763lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D)Surface: 370mm x 250mm x 45mm
Flush: 365mm x 245mm x 7mm



Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstation, Flush

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Crisis Type B Refuge Induction Loop Outstation, Surface

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