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Occasionally at Eurofyre we like to bring some extra attention to a number of products that we feel don’t get enough of the spotlight. We supply a wide range of products for a variety of applications, from video smoke detection to analogue addressable fire detection and beyond, causing some of our products to go unnoticed. This month we would like to present to you…

ProFyre P2 and P5 Power Supply Units

Eurofyre’s ProFyre power supply units, the ProFyre P2 and ProFyre P5, provide a stable and reliable continuous power source for a wide range of applications, not just limited to fire alarm systems. ProFyre power units have two monitored, fused outputs, offer three-state circuit charging and provide visual status of all crucial functions.

There are two main versions of the ProFyre power supply unit available, 2A or 5A ‘true-load’, each with two monitored and fused outputs and enough internal space for up to two 12Ah or 17Ah batteries.

Each power unit provides a three-state charging circuit employing boost, float or pulse modes that are engaged depending on the current state and the charging requirements of the battery. Under mains fail conditions the batteries are automatically disconnected once they are completely discharged to prevent irreversible damage.

The ProFyre P2 and P5 power supply units are of modern design and enclosed in a stylish metal-clad case. A door mounted LCD display, combined with four LED indicators and two control switches, supplies a quick and effective visual condition of all critical functions.

Key Features

ProFyre P2
  • 2A or 5A ‘true-load’
  • Two monitored, fused outputs
  • Attractive metal-clad, powder-coated enclosure
  • Hinged, lockable door with integral LCD status display and controls
  • Earth fault monitored
  • Automatic battery deep-discharge protection
  • Battery internal resistance monitoring


With a 2A or 5A version available, ProFyre power supplies are able to provide a reliable and continuous 24V DC power source that can be used for:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Intruder Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • General Purpose

For more information, part codes or to see a detailed datasheet for all ProFyre power supply units please visit ProFyre P2 & P5 Power Supply Units.

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