Product of the Month – EF-LASD Air Sampling Smoke Detection


For September’s product of the month we would like to bring your attention to the EF-LASD. The EF-LASD is a professional, high-sensitivity air sampling smoke detector that is suitable for applications that require class A, B or C sensitivity.

EF-LASD detectors are highly-versatile, robust, compact and weatherproof and are, therefore, well suited for general coverage and/or localised protection of ductwork or equipment cabinets. Optional harsh environment filters and pipework water traps are also available, enabling EF-LASD detectors to remain effective in areas which may be susceptible to high-levels of dust, low temperatures or water ingress.

How It Works

EF-LASD detectors employ high-sensitivity laser point detectors in an aspirated enclosure. Air is drawn from the protected area from through one or two perforated sampling pipes, into the detectors sampling chamber. The detectors powerful fan, combined with sophisticated air-flow monitoring and control circuitry, guarantees that workable air-flow is maintained and that transport delays are kept to a minimum.

The air drawn through the enclosure is monitored by each detector via separate sampling pipes, this means that large areas can be protected via small and discrete sampling holes in place of traditional point detectors.



EF-LASD detectors are available in one or two pipe versions, each with two sets of alarm and one set of fault contacts per channel. Alarm contacts are programmable across the dynamic sensitivity range of 0.06 to 3.33% per meter in 9 stages. Pipe Lengths of up to 100 meters per channel can be used thanks to the detectors powerful, yet quiet, fan.

No special tools or software are required for configuration and programming can be carried out via the integrated membrane keypad. However, PC software is available for configuration and diagnostics.


EF-LASD Detectors are EN54-20 classified for Class A, B and C applications, are approved by both VdS and CPD and bear the CE mark, indicating that they comply with all the applicable directives – including the EMC, CPR and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

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