Product of the Month – EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detectors


For June’s product of the month we will be featuring our very own EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detectors. These detectors provide a unique, high-sensitivity, discrete air sampling detection system that is capable of providing a fast and reliable warning of fire.

Using unobtrusive, easy to install, 6mm microbore sampling pipe EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detectors are capable of sampling air from up to fifteen individual areas or cabinets at the same time. The flexible tubing allows for fast and efficient installation and is especially advantageous for use in areas that are architecturally restricted, where the aesthetics of the application are to remain unspoiled and/or in areas that are difficult to access.

EF-FT15 detectors are ideal for use in environments where high air-flows or differential pressures, are present such as particularly voluminous areas, or areas with high ceilings. This is due to the enhanced linear vacuum pump that is used to draw air from protected areas into the detection chamber. The detectors internal laser detector can be configured for use in many different environments thanks to its dynamic range.


EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detectors are fully approved by VdS for safe use in any European Union country. They bear the CE mark, evidencing that they comply with all the applicable directives including the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (ECD) and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Typical Applications

Due to their discrete nature, ability to provide a very early warning of fire and their ability to protect voluminous or high ceiling areas, EF-FT 15 detectors are well suited to, but not limited to, the following applications:

  • Historic houses, museums & art galleries
  • EDP rooms and voids
  • Individual rack or cabinets in EDP applications
  • Prison cells and custody suites.
  • Locked or security controlled areas
  • Atria
  • Inaccessible areas

To recap, EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detectors provide an extremely fast and reliable detection solution, even in areas where high ceilings and variable air pressures and/or variable airflows are present.

These detectors can be installed in back-of-house areas, away from the public where they do not interrupt the appearance of the property, where there is reduced risk of tampering or vandalism and where they can be easily accessed for maintenance.

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