Introducing Wi-Fyre EN54-25 Wireless Fire Detection Solution


Wi-Fyre is Eurofyre’s very own wireless fire detection solution that combines wireless technology with new or existing, hard-wired fire alarm systems.

This new technology allows the system designer to integrate wireless devices where necessary to provide convenient and cost-effective fire detection regardless of the type, or technology, of the system that it is part of.

Integrating Wi-Fyre components with existing fire alarm systems allows older systems to be easily extended or updated with minimal design or planning and with little disruption. New devices can be installed quickly and easily.


Wi-Fyre wireless fire detection technology is certified to EN54-25 – the european product standard for wireless fire alarms – which dictates that all wireless systems sold in Europe must be tested by a 3rd party test house to insure that the system meets very specific requirements.

Wi-Fyre also meets the requirements of BS 5839-1 – the code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises – and ENTSI 300:220 – the standards required to meet the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Modes of Operation

Wi-Fyre fire detection technology can be easily integrated with any system and has 6 modes of operation:

  • Conventional – for use as all or part of an existing conventional zone and/or sounder circuit.
  • Addressable (Collective) – for connecting to an Analogue Addressable fire detection system, providing a collective response from input and output field devices.
  • ProFyre 2-Wire Addressable – for integration with a Pro-Fyre 2-Wire Addressable fire detection radial/loop in an individual response mode.
  • ProFyre Addressable – for integration with a ProFyre Analogue Addressable system aba alarm loop in either individual or collective response mode.
  • Standalone – for use as a stand-alone ‘Grade C ‘ Fire detection system, for use in residential applications in accordance with BS 58369 Part 6.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Devices

There are a number of different devices available in the Wi-Fyre Wireless range:

Wi-Fyre Transponders

Wi-Fyre Transponders

The Wi-Fyre Transponder connects directly to the fire alarm control panel and is designed to communicate with up to 30 mixed field devices. Transponders are compact,easy to install and can be commissioned using an integrated LCD display and control panel (LCD version only) or via the Wi-Fyre PC interface Kit.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head

Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head is used to conduct a survey prior to installation. The survey head is fitted with an 8-way colour coded rotary LED array to indicate signal strength received at the transponder to insure that devices are positioned for optimal performance.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Detectors

Wi-Fyre Wireless Detectors

There are a number of wireless fire detectors in the Wi-Fyre range, including: an optical smoke detector, A2R Heat Detector, A2S Heat detector and an Optical Heat detector. All Wi-Fyre detectors use detectors from the ProFyre range, coupled with a Wi-Fyre wireless base.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounders

Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder

Wi-Fyre wireless sounders are available with or without an integrated visual alert. Wi-Fyre Sounders can be wall or ceiling mounted and have a red housing. 8 user-selectable tones and a volume control are available. A wireless sounder platform is also available to allow other, compatible sounders to connected wirelessly to the fire detection system.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call Point

Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call Point

The Wi-Fyre call point is for surface mounting and has a unique element that mimics the feel of breaking glass and is completely resettable.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Interface

Wi-Fyre Wireless Interface

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Interface provides means to trigger an alarm or fault from ancillary operations and/or to switch remote equipment in the event of an alarm.

Typical Applications

Wi-Fyre wireless detection systems can be used in a wide range of applications and is well suited to:

Existing applications:
Allowing the easy and cost-effective addition of wireless devices to any existing fire detection system.

New Installations – Hybrid Systems:
Allowing you to mix both wired and wireless devices together within the installation.

Wi-Fyre provides the ideal solution for protecting areas such as plant-rooms, garages, greenhouses and storage areas that are away from the main panel where wiring maybe be impractical.

Historic Buildings
In buildings with high and/or ornate ceilings such as churches and listed properties, Wi-Fyre can provide a reliable solution where cabling has been prohibited.

Temporary Systems and Premises
Wi-Fyre can be quickly deployed and easily re-located, making it ideal in areas that may not need a permanent solution.

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