Introducing VESDA-E


VESDA is a very early warning smoke detection system from Xtralis. It provides continuous air sampling that can detect a fire at the very early stages thus providing valuable time to investigate the warning and initiate appropriate action. VESDA detectors can provide warnings on multiple levels and have a wide sensitivity range that does not degrade.

VESDA detectors are available in a range of models suited to a wide range of applications and environments. VESDA detectors provide highly sensitive, early warning of fire and are capable of covering small to very large open spaces. They are also able maintain reliable operation in even the dirtiest of environments.

Popular products in the VESDA range include the VESDA VLI, the first aspirating smoke detector purpose built for the protection of industrial applications of up to 2,000m2 (20,000ft2), the VESDA ECO, which combines aspirating smoke detection and gas detection, and now their new range of VESDA detection, VESDA-E.

What is VESDA-E

VESDA-E is the next generation of aspirating smoke detection and offers unique features to:

  • Increase sensitivity
  • Target detection of the most common fire threats
  • Improve flexible networking
  • Improve programming capabilities
  • Provide up to 40% improved coverage in high airflow areas
  • Reduce capital expenses.

There are a number of innovative capabilities that make VESDA-E detectors a step above the older VESDA systems including:

  • VESDA Smoke+
    Vesda Smoke+ uses state of the art flair detection technology centered in the chamber of VESDA-E detectors. This allows for higher sensitivity detection and improved dust rejection and therefore improves detection performance and reliability while increasing efficiency of operation, thus allowing for faster response time, reduction of nuisance alarms and lower power consumption.
  • VESDA Analytics*
    VESDA Analytics adds extra capabilities enabling the system to provide targeted detection and response. There are several analytics programmes available including DiesilTrace Analytics, providing targeted detection of abnormal presence of diesel exhaust particles, WireTrace Analytics, providing targeted detection of slowly overheating PVC insulated wires and DustTrace Analytics, targeting detection of the presence of dust in the sampled air. *Currently local indication only
  • VESDA Connect
    VESDA Connect vastly improves networking and programming capabilities via ethernet, WiFi, USB, VESDAnet and relays, thus vastly reducing installation commissioning, monitoring and maintenance costs.
    VESDA TCO reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Plug N Play installation, pipework that does not require design multiple monitoring options and backwards compatibility equate to reduced capital and operational expenses therefore reducing TCO by up to 15%.

How Does VESDA-E Work?

VESDA-E works by continually drawing air from the protected area via a network of sampling pipes. The air from each pipe passes through an airflow sensor before being passed through a filter to the detection module.

The Flair detection chamber then uses a series of sensors and sophisticated algorithms to detect smoke in the sampled air. If the smoke detected is higher than the pre-determined threshold it is reported as an alert, action, fire 1 or fire 2 alarm condition. Alarm conditions can be signalled via relays and VESDAnet.

VESDA-E detectors can be configured, and secondary monitoring can be carried out, via a Ethernet or Wifi. A USB interface is provided for initial setup.

The VESDA E Product Range

There are a multitude of products for an array of applications available in the VESDA-E product range including the VESDA-E VEU and VESDA-E VEA aspirating smoke detectors and range of expansion modules, VESDA Stax, which includes an automated pipe cleaning module, power supplies and a gas detection integration module. VEA and Stax coming soon.



The VEU series of detectors are the premium detectors in the VESDA-E range. They have an ultra-wide sensitivity range of up to 15 times more than the VESDA VLP and can provide increased coverage in high airflow and high ceiling applications while allowing for convenient detector mounting for ease of maintenance and service.

VEU detectors are equipped to operate with a total pipe length of up to 800m (2,642ft) and are fully supported by the ASPIRE-E and Xtralis VSC software which facilitate easy pipe network design, system commissioning and maintenance. VESDA-E VEU aspirating smoke detectors are also fully back-compatible with existing VESDA installations.

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