Introducing the Xtralis XCC Aspirating Smoke Detector


Eurofyre are pleased to announce the addition of the Xtralis Class C (XCC) aspirating smoke detector to their range of products. The Xtralis XCC is the the ‘smaller brother’ of the ever popular Vesda Compact and is designed to provide a convenient solution for installations that require a normal sensitivity EN54-20 Class C aspirating smoke detector.

About The Xtralis XCC

With the introduction of new EN54 standards for air sampling fire detection which allow wider flexibility for choice of detection, Class C devices have become first choice for many designers and installers looking to maximise the flexibility and cost effectiveness of aspirating smoke detection.

The Xtralis XCC is the first Class C-only, multi-sample hole aspirating fire control unit that enables the end-user to comply with specific design criteria for a wide range of applications. This makes it the ideal choice for any installation that has needs beyond the limitations of point detectors.

Like all aspirating smoke detection systems the Xtralis XCC draws air through a network of pipes into a sampling chamber. The sampling chamber then processes the air and is capable of detecting smoke before it is even visible to the human eye. The Xtralis XCC provides support for flexible ASD pipe network designs meeting the needs of a multitude of different environments.

The Xtralis XCC can be positioned at ground level or outside the protected area, eliminating access difficulties and making maintenance an easy task. With its discreet capillary air sampling the XCC also provides unobtrusive detection where invisible detection is required.

This innovative product carries all of the normal Xtralis features and approvals including:

  • absolute smoke detectionXtralis XCC
  • two alarm thresholds: Pre-Alarm and Fire-Alarm
  • single pipe inlet
  • accurate airflow monitoring
  • configuration and maintenance via Eurofyre
  • clean air barrier for optics protection
  • simple mounting design

The Xtralis XCC is also supported by the full range of design software that is familiar to all end-users and installers.

Eurofyre supply a wide range of fire detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire systems and conventional fire panels.

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