How to Install VESDA in High-Temperature Environments


VESDA aspirating smoke detectors can tolerate a wide range of sampled air temperatures between -20°C (-40°F) to 60°C (140°F). This makes VESDA the ideal smoke detection for a variety of industrial environments. 

However, some industrial applications, such as industrial ovens, smelters and powder coating plants, require sampling from areas with extreme temperatures, outside of the detectors operating range.

In these particular cases, a simple, proven and cost-effective technique can be applied to precondition the sampling air before it enters the detector.

Managing Sampled Air Temperature

Using Cable Runs

When sampled air exceeds the rated temperature of the detector, it can be cooled down to an acceptable temperature by allowing the pipe to “run” in a cooler environment, away from where the sampling occurs. This gives the sampled air a chance to cool before it reaches the detection chamber. The length of the pipe “run” can be assessed based on the sampled air temperature, pipe material flow rate and external ambient temperature. 

In some industrial applications, it will be necessary to install water traps to remove condensation from the cooled air. 

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Dehumidifier or Drier

In severe cases, it may be difficult to cool the sampled are to within the detectors operating temperature range. In these situations, refrigerated cooling in the form of a “humidifier or drier” can be used to not only cool the air but also to remove condensation from the sampling pipes. 

Thermoelectric Cooling

In some instances, there may be no option but to install the detector within the protected area. In this case, the challenge becomes two-fold; not just cooling the air, but as well ensuring that the detector stays within its specified temperature range. 

Although in most instances the aspect of hot air cooling within the sampling pipe network is easily addressed, there are some environments and locations where there is no choice but to install the detector within the protected area where sampling is performed. This may include areas such as boilers and furnace areas, ovens and similar environments. 

In this instance, mounting the detector inside a protective enclosure that uses ‘Thermoelectric” cooling can help keep it within its operating temperature range. 

Suitable Detection

Eurofyre - VESDA VLI
VESDA VLI Aspirating Smoke Detector

VESDA VLI aspirating smoke detectors provide the ideal detection solution for high-temperature environments. The VESDA VLI is an industry-first detector designed to protect industrial applications and harsh environments up to 2000m2 (20,000 sq. ft.). It combines a fail-safe Intelligent Filter with a cutting-edge clean-air barrier for optics protection to provide absolute detection and long detection chamber life in even the harshest environments. Find out more about VESDA VLI Detectors.


As with any VESDA detector installation, a regular and rigid maintenance program should be implemented to ensure that the detector and sampled air remain within their specified operating temperatures. 

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