Aspirating Smoke Detection Testing Using the Solo 365


Aspirating smoke detection is a fast and reliable fire detection solution. However, like any type of smoke detection, it requires regular testing to ensure that it is operating efficiently.

What are the Risks?

Traditionally, testing aspirating smoke detectors requires real smoke to be produced to test the detector’s response time and sensitivity accurately. This is usually achieved with smoke boxes or smoke matches. However, this method of testing has its risks and is generally quite dangerous – creating real smoke has the potential to start a real fire. Genuine smoke also has a strong, unpleasant odour and can leave a residue on walls and surfaces.

Another option for testing ASD is to use a smoke aerosol, similar to that used to test traditional-type smoke detectors. However, there are ramifications of using this method that many engineers are unaware of – the smoke produced from smoke aerosols is often oily and can lead to a buildup of dirt and dust inside the aspirating pipework.

What are the Challenges?

There are two challenges that are commonly faced when testing an ASD system:

  • High Ceilings
    ASD is a common choice of detection for areas with high ceilings; therefore, sampling points (or points of testing) can be high above the floor. This means that access for testing can be challenging.
  • Obstructions
    Sampling points are often installed in areas such as ceiling voids where they may be obstructed by pipework and cable trays. This means that can be difficult to access for testing.

What is the Solution?

Solo 365 Detector Tester

Solo 365 Detector Tester

The Solo 365 detector tester makes testing any type of smoke detector a simple and effective process. It takes everything from traditional smoke detector tester products, coupling it with the latest technology. The Solo 365 detector has been approved by worldwide, leading detector manufacturers and is fully compliant with the most recent regulations.

Solo 365 detector testers release artificial smoke on demand, wasting less smoke and providing multiple tests faster. Smoke is stored in non-pressurised cartridges, eliminating the oily residue that is often left behind by aerosol smoke testers.

The 365 Detector Tester also eliminates the need for repeat alarms, provides quick detector activation and is suitable for ASD system testing using the available adapter.

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What are the Advantages?

Solo 365 detector testers are designed to make testing smoke faster to clear and virtually impossible to overapply, resulting in reduced risk of smoke contamination and reduced wastage.

It has a slim and practical design, automatic LED activation and makes it easier than ever to reach detectors in confined or light-restricted areas. Its extendable pole also makes it easy to reach high-up areas.

Who Uses Solo 365 Detectors?

365 Detector Testers are the tester of choice for many heritage sites.

In particular, Warwick Castle uses ASD pipes behind decorated ceilings with access only available through small sampling holes, as well as other detectors installed in hard-to-access locations, often above valuable exhibits. The Solo 365 detector testers’ design allows easy entry to hard-to-access areas to ensure fast and efficient testing without risk to the exhibits.

It is for the same reason that Solo 365 detector testers are also the preferred smoke detector tester of the National Trust.

Buy Solo 365 Detector Testers Online Now

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