Key Features

  • 100dB @ 1m sound output 
  • Flash rates between 0.33Hz and 1.5Hz
  • 16 tones** can be selected from control panel 
  • Housed in UL V0 flame retardant ABS
  • First fix, wire to back box technology


The Xtratone addressable sounder and visual alarm device (VAD) is a small, high output device that is designed to make an “electronics free” first fit. The unit is housed in a UL V0 flame retardant enclosure. It is available in red or white finish, is suitable for indoor wall mounted applications and can be surface or flush mounted. 

Xtratone addressable sounder and VAD units have 16 different alarm tones that can be selected at the control panel and can be hard addressed via an 8-way dip switch or soft addressed via a Handheld Programmer.

Tech Specs

Operating Voltage17 – 28V DC
Quiescent Current1.5mA
Alarm Current18 to 43mA
Sound Output98.2dB*
ColourRed body, Clear flashWhite body, Clear flash
Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature0°C
Operating Temperature-10°C To +55°C
Max Humidity95% Rh Non Condensing
IP RatingIP21C
Dimensions (with back box) (W x H x H)105mm x 105mm x 56mm (105 X 105 X 89mm)

* This applies to TONE 0 in reverberant conditions. 

** Approved tones are Tone 0 and Tone 8.



Xtratone Addressable Indoor Sounder & VAD, Red, White Flash

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Xtratone Addressable Indoor Sounder & VAD, White, White Flash

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