Key Features

  • Removes contaminants from sampled air
  • Reduces nuisance alarms
  • Prolongs the life of the detector
  • Easy to replace
  • Replace at least every four years


VESDA VLI aspirating smoke detectors provide very early detection of smoke and are specifically designed for use in harsh and dirty environments. To achieve accurate and consistent detection, VESDA VLI detectors use a series of filters to remove contaminants from the sampled air. 

After the first stage of filtration, a portion of the sampled air is passed through a secondary foam filter to remove any remaining contaminants thus reducing nuisance alarms and prolonging the life of the detection elements. 

It is recommended that the secondary filter is replaced every four years or when a filter fault occurs. However, it may be necessary to replace the secondary filter more frequently if the detector is installed in areas that experience high levels of contamination.

Replacing the Secondary Foam Filter

Replacing the secondary foam filter is a simple task and can be achieved by first removing the filter:

  1. Set the detector to standby mode. 
  2. Remove the front cover.
  3. Remove two secondary foam filter screws.
  4. Remove the secondary foam filter.

To reinstall the secondary foam filter, follow the removal procedure in reverse order and execute the “Reset Secondary Filter Life” command in Xtralis VSC.


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VESDA VLI Secondary Filter

VESDA VLI Secondary Filter