Key Features

  • Reduces the level of pollution in the air sample
  • Extends operational life of the detector 
  • Fully monitored
  • Provides consistent sensitivity over the life of the detector
  • Provides indication of when the Intelligent Filter needs replacing


VESDA VLI aspirating smoke detectors combine a fail-safe Intelligent Filter with an advanced clean-air barrier to provide a very early warning of smoke in harsh and dirty environments.

The VESDA VLI intelligent filter reduces the amount of pollution in the air sample before it enters the detection chamber. This Intelligent Filter allows the detector to remain incredibly reliable in even the harshest of environments and drastically extends the operational life of the detector.

The detector constantly monitors the difference between the flow of filtered and unfiltered air into the manifold. As dirt and other particles accumulate in the Intelligent Filter, the flow of filtered air decreases when compared to that of un-filtered air. When the flow of filtered air falls below the minimum threshold, when compared to the flow of un-filtered air, the detector reports a fault condition to indicate that the Intelligent Filter needs replacing.

Although it is recommended to replace the Intelligent Filter every two years, environmental conditions dictate the actual frequency of Intelligent Filter replacement.

Replacing the Intelligent Filter

To remove the VESDA VLI Intelligent Filter:

  1. Set the detector to standby mode.
  2. Remove the front cover.
  3. Unclip the Intelligent Filter by pulling the locking lever outward.
  4. Remove the Intelligent Filter.

To install the new VESDA VLI Intelligent Filter

  1. Position the Intelligent Filter inside the detector, aligning the locking tabs to the slots.
  2. Push the locking lever in the direction of the arrow until it clicks into the locked position and the Intelligent Filter Present Switch is actuated.
  3. Execute the “Reset Intelligent Filter Life” command using Xtralis VSC. 


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VESDA VLI Intelligent Filter

VESDA VLI Intelligent Filter

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