Key Features

  • Pre-engineered sampling holes for faster, more efficient commissioning and installation
  • Simply clicks into place for a firm, non-slip position
  • Visual colour-coded guide to sampling point location and sampling hole size
  • Simplifies sampling holes drilling; a single 10mm drill bit for all holes
  • Features a flexi-lip design to reduce sampling hole contamination under high air pressure


When installing an Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) system, it is often almost impossible to identify the exact location of sampling point and more importantly, identify if the sampling hole is the correct size, creating unnecessary delays.

The VESDA Sampling Hole Clip delivers reliable and accurate sampling hole sizes that are fast to install and easy to locate and identify. Each clip is colour-coded to indicate a specific hole diameter providing an instant visual guide and removing the need for closer inspection. This is particularly beneficial during commissioning and maintenance processes in applications like warehouses or large open spaces.

The greatly simplified installation process helps deliver greater reliability in the correct setting of sampling hole size and a faster installation process. A 10mm (27/64”) diameter drill bit is all that is required by an installer to create each sampling hole (rather than many different drill sizes) to which the Sampling Hole Clip attaches to. This can help deliver quality installation in projects where installation is sub contracted or the installer is not familiar with the impact of sampling hole size.

Use of a chamfered hole entry in the sampling hole clip design can help to reduce dust loading effects. Without using this type of technology, a build-up of dust around a standard drilled sampling hole is likely to occur, due to the friction created by the airflow through the sampling hole. By reducing dust loading effects and leveraging the additional protection provided by the pipe clips can help increase system uptime and potentially extend
service and testing intervals.

Unlike most contemporary solutions, the pipe clip is installation-ready (with no need for assembly, any additional parts or tools); clips are provided as a single ready-to-fit piece. Harsh Environment Clip variants feature a flexi-lip design that changes its shape when subjected to compressed air. This helps any ice, fibre or dust build-up on the supporting rubber structure be easily detached and broken up by the air jetstream out of the clip hole, providing additional protection in challenging locations like freezer applications.


Step 1: Simply use a 10mm (27/64”) drill bit to create all sampling holes.

Step 2: Fit the relevant colour-coded clip; place over the hole and secure in place by applying pressure until a “click” occurs.

Step 3: Complete


Tech Specs

Dimensions (W x H)30.5mm x 55mm
Tube Outer Diameter25mm to 27mm
Colour RubberVariable Material TPE
Maximum Pipe Network Pressure7 bar ( -30°C +45°C)
Application Temperature Range-30°C +45°C*
Application Humidity Range5% to 95% Relative Humidity

*Application where ambient temperature will exceed 45°C may lead to clip sealing leakage up to 5%.



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VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 2mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 2.5mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 3mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 3.5mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 4mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 4.5mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 5mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 5.5mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 6mm


VESDA Harsh Environment Sampling Hole Clip, 6.5mm


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