Key Features

  • Suitable for testing aspirating smoke detection systems
  • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous white smoke
  • Up to 30 minutes of smoke per stick
  • Easy to use and store
  • Refillable wicks


The Smoke Pen delivers a continuous smoke trail to provide a user-friendly solution for leak-testing, airflow studies and for testing aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems. 

This innovative device uses wicks that are inserted into the smoke pen, similar to a mechanical pencil. When inserted, a 10mm trace, that can be lit with either a lighter or a match, protrudes from the casing of the pen. This delivers a non-toxic, continuous and consistent trail of white smoke that can be used to effectively conduct smoke tests and airflow studies. Once the test is complete, the smoke can be easily extinguished by replacing the pen’s lid. The smoke pen is reusable and comes with 6 replacement wicks. Replacement wicks can also be purchased as required.

How to Use

The Smoke Pen is simple to use and store, to operate the Smoke Pen:

  • Remove the black cap from the end of the pen.
  • Press the chrome button at the end of the pen to open the jaws and place the wick in the pen. 
  • Adjust the wick until around 10mm is exposed.
  • Light the wick and allow it to burn for 10 to 15 seconds before blowing out the flame. The pen will then deliver a stable and continuous stream of smoke.
  • Replace the cap to extinguish the wick.
  • To re-use the pen, simply adjust the length of the wick and repeat the steps above.

Suitable Applications

  • ASD testing
  • Smoke alarm tests
  • Air-tightness Tests
  • Ducting and cabinet testing
  • Extraction arm flow testing
  • Testing slight air-movement
  • Testing gas spillage
  • Mandatory CO spillage checks of boiler/case sills after fitting or re-fitting.


Smoke Stick Kit (Includes smoke pen & 6 smoke sticks)


Smoke Stick Refill Pack (includes 6 smoke sticks)