Key Features

  • Microprocessor based
  • No user adjustments are required.
  • Highly immune to false alarms.
  • Low Power consumption.
  • “One Man” calibration procedure.


The Oggioni PARK-4 range offers a versatile collection of detectors suitable for various gases. These detectors are designed for use in car parks, workplaces, and industrial sites where air quality monitoring is essential.

The Oggioni PARK-4 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector is a small, microprocessor based gas detector that continuously monitors the atmosphere for the presence of carbon monoxide.

Oggioni PARK-4 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors are highly immune to false alarms and include sensor self-diagnosis and a digital algorithm for signal conditioning.



Tech Specs

Supply Voltage12-30 Vdc
Max. Power consumption1 watt (Catalytic sensor)
Supply fuse250 mA
Signal fuse63 mA
Analog output4-20 mA
Load0-300 ohms
Cable Type3 conductors cable (4-20mA)4 conductors cable (RS485)
Dimensions (W x D x H)120 x 65 x 45mm
Weight0.6 Kg.
Mounting2 x 6mm holes
Termination IP65PG16 Terminal block



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Oggioni PARK-4 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

Oggioni PARK-4 Car Park Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide

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