Wireless Linear Heat Detection Integration for Warehouse Racking


Like most business premises, warehouses require a reliable fire detection system to keep staff, personnel, visitors, equipment and produce safe from fire. In order to achieve this, a variety of detection types are required to suit the unique needs of each area. In particular, warehouse racking can create a number of challenges that require very specific fire detection to overcome.

Warehouse racking allows pallets to be stored in horizontal rows across multiple levels. This makes providing a reliable detection system difficult and, therefore, requires a specialist detection system such as FyreLine linear heat detection to quickly and efficiently provide a warning of fire.

FyreLine linear heat detection cable can be installed along the shelving of warehouse racking and can detect heat at any point along its length. FyreLine can report an accurate location of a fire to the fire alarm control panel and also has the ability to provide a pre-alarm for potential fires to be investigated before the alarm is raised.

What are the Challenges?

Deploying linear heat detection to warehouse racking is relatively straightforward. However, there are some challenges and risks that need to be considered.

In particular, linear heat detection needs to be connected to the fire alarm control panel. This means that cabling needs to be run between each rack and follow a suitable path back to the fire alarm panel. This can make cable runs expensive and put them at risk of damage from mobile plant such as forklift trucks.

What is the Solution?

By combining linear heat detection with Eurofyre’s hybrid fire detection solution, Wi-Fyre, the signal from the linear heat detection cable can be monitored wirelessly, thus eliminating the need to run cabling between racking and to the fire alarm control panel.

Wi-Fyre Hybrid Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre allows hardwired and wireless fire detection to work together in forming a flexible and cost-effective fire detection solution. Installing a Wi-Fyre Transponder into the fire alarms wiring allows the system to communicate with up to thirty wireless field devices such as sounders, manual call points detectors and input/output devices.

Wi-Fyre can be used as part of a new or existing hardwired fire alarm system and has six user-selectable modes of operation for increased compatibility:

  • Conventional
  • ProFyre 2-Wire addressable
  • ProFyre addressable
  • Addressable (collective)
  • Reflective
  • Standalone

When installing linear heat detection for warehouse racking, a Wi-Fyre Wireless I/O Module can be mounted on to the rack to wirelessly relay the status of the linear heat detection cable that is installed around it.

This eliminates the need to run cabling from the rack to the control panel and reduces the risk of damage caused by mobile plant equipment – providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting warehouse racking from fire.

Find out more about using Linear Heat Detection for Warehouse Racking here.

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