Wi-Fyre Wireless Smoke and Heat Detectors


Wi-Fyre wireless devices have been designed based on the ProFyre range of smoke and heat detectors. Wi-Fyre detectors are housed in a stylish, low-profile, plastic enclosure and offer 360° LED indication.

Wi-Fyre detectors communicate wirelessly with most fire alarm control panels via a Wi-Fyre transponder and can be used as part of a new or existing fire alarm system.

Wireless Survey Head

Wi-Fyre wireless survey heads are used to test the strength of the signal between the transponder and the device that is to be installed. A wireless survey must be conducted at the location of each detector to ensure that the wireless signal is strong enough for the devices to communicate efficiently with the transponder.


All Wi-Fyre devices are certified to EN54-25, the European standard for wireless fire alarms which dictates that all wireless fire alarm systems sold in Europe must be tested by a 3rd party test house to ensure that they reach specific requirements.

Wi-Fyre devices also meet the requirements of ENTSI 300:220, the standards set by the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), and BS 5839-1, the code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems for non-domestic premises.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Heat and Smoke Detectors

There are number of detector types in the Wi-Fyre range to provide suitable cover for most environments:

Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical Detector

Wi-Fyre wireless optical smoke detectors use a pulsing infrared (IR) LED and photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke in the detection chamber. These detectors are most suitable for detecting the dense smoke commonly produced by fires involving soft furnishings, PVC plastics and foam.

Wi-Fyre Wireless A2S Heat Detector (Fixed Heat)

Wi-Fyre wireless fixed heat detectors raise an alarm once its temperature reaches 57├óÔÇ×ãÆ. These detectors are best suited to areas such as loading bays and garages, where the presence of dust and fumes can reduce the accuracy of smoke detectors.

Wi-Fyre Wireless A2R Heat Detector (Rate of Rise)

Wi-Fyre wireless rate of rise heat detectors also trigger an alarm when their rated temperature is reached. However, they also go into an alarm state if their temperature rises rapidly. This is made possible by the detector’s advanced thermistor ensemble.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical Heat Detector

Wi-Fyre wireless optical heat detectors combine the technology of Wi-Fyre smoke and fixed heat detectors. These detectors provide reliable detection, while reducing the risk of nuisance alarms.

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