Where to Install Domestic CO Alarms


In order to protect domestic environments from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, it is essential that alarms are installed correctly. If systems are incorrectly installed, homeowners and their families and pets become at risk of smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and death. In particular, knowing where to install CO alarms correctly can make all the difference.

Where to Install Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is typically produced by fuel-burning appliances that are faulty or inadequately ventilated and can be found in dwellings such as homes, caravans and boats. Detecting carbon monoxide is impossible without a CO alarm, which will only be able to detect fully if it is properly installed.

CO alarms should be installed within every room holding a fuel-burning appliance, as well as those that are frequently in use, with the most common being kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and garages.

As well as this, caravans and boats hold a number of other risks from the outside environment as many people use BBQs and generators when camping out, both of which produce gas and carbon monoxide that can easily be drawn into air vents.

Things to Consider

In order to achieve the very best carbon monoxide detection, you must consider the following points when installing a CO alarm:

Ceiling Mount

In rooms with a fuel-burning appliance, such as a fireplace, ensure you place a ceiling-mounted detector at least one to three meters away from the appliance and 300mm from any walls. If there is a partition in the room, ensure the alarm is on the same side as the appliance.

Wall Mount

Where a ceiling mount isn’t feasible, you can use a wall mount. These are very similar to ceiling mounts, however, they must be installed at least 150mm from the ceiling but higher than any window or door to avoid temperature change and increased air flow.

Rooms Without a Burning Appliance

If your room does not contain a burning appliance but is one of the most used rooms in your home, caravan or boat, it is important that a CO alarm is still installed. The CO alarm must be installed close to your breathing zone, such as on a bedside table.

Caravans or Boats

As caravans and boats have adjoining rooms and can be limited on space, it is not always possible to follow guidelines. To overcome this, you should place the CO alarm as far away from appliances as possible, closest to the sleeping area.

Things to Avoid

As well as these considerations, there are also some factors you must avoid, the main being to never install a CO alarm:

  • Where it is blocked by furniture
  • Near a cooking appliance
  • Next to a fan or air vent
  • By a window or door
  • Where temperatures drop to -10°C or exceed 40°C
  • In a dusty environment, as dust may block the sensor
  • In a humid or damp location

Honeywell X-Series Battery Powered CO Alarms

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