Using VSD Technology In Manufacturing Facilities


The term “manufacturing facility” lends itself to a host of different applications, usually consisting of large buildings containing machinery or commonly complexes consisting of multiple buildings. Most modern manufacturing facilities, also known as factories or manufacturing plants, have large warehouses or warehouse-like facilities that house heavy, electrical or mechanical equipment and it is with these factors that increased risk of fire becomes a challenge.

Many fires start from overheating or faulty machinery and given the nature of typical manufacturing facilities, with their large open spaces and high ceilings, using traditional type detectors can often mean that fires go undetected until it is too late. Damage is caused to valuable equipment and stock, lives of employees are put at risk and extended down-time for the business results in lost revenue and, often, closure.

In order to protect these facilities from fire and reduce the risk of potentially devastating consequences, early warning of fire is an absolute must. But not only this, the ability to pinpoint the exact location of a potential fire is also paramount. Employing a suitable solution enables action to be taken often even before a fire breaks out.

How can we achieve this? The answer is video smoke detection.

How Can Video Smoke Detection (or VSD) Help?

There are many advantages to using VSD (in particular VideoFyre) over traditional methods of smoke detection. Unlike traditional detectors that rely on smoke to reach them before they can detect its presence, video smoke detectors are able to see the smoke at its source. VideoFyre Fiel of View DetectionOften integrated into security surveillance systems, VSDs can be monitored in real time; allowing whoever is viewing the monitors when a fire is detected, whether its a guard at a guard station or a receptionist manning the front desk, to initiate a response and take action against the situation. This saves valuable time and often allows for action to be taken before fire has the chance to spread.

Not only does VSD provide early warning of fire and create the opportunity to initiate immediate response, it is also extremely cost-effective. One detector is capable of covering a large area (larger than most point detectors can deal with), ultimately reducing the amount of devices installed and thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Why VideoFyre?

VideoFyreVideoFyre is EuroFyre’s very own video Smoke Detection System that has been designed using pioneering technology to be integrated with new or existing analogue surveillance cameras. By using complex and sophisticated algorithms VideoFyre detectors are capable of detecting smoke or flame from anywhere within a camera’s field of view.

Unlike other video smoke detection systems, VideoFyre is completely self-contained and does not require to be connected to a large central processing unit. However, voltage-free alarm and fault contacts for a direct connection to local fire alarm monitoring systems are provided.

The setup of VideoFyre detectors is carried out via IP address and is completed via a straightforward, menu-style user interface using any PC or Mac internet browser.

Key Features of VideoFyre:

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Detects smoke or flame
  • Analogue camera feed input
  • Early warning solution when used as secondary detection
  • Can be used with existing analogue surveillance systems
  • Stand-alone friendly
  • Video image accurately pinpoints the source and location of smoke or flame
  • Live view and simple configuration via an internet browser of choice
  • Detection unaffected by size of location
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Can locally trigger other systems such as the main fire panel

Take a Look at VideoFyre in Action:

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