Using Video Smoke Detection Technology In Hangars


Aircraft or spacecraft are often stored in hangars to protect them from the elements and create a safe and suitable environment for routine maintenance. Aircraft hangars can contain hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even millions of pounds worth of equipment, which means that the consequences of a fire could be financially devastating. Not only could a fire cause costly damage to an aircraft but loss of revenue due to a working aircraft being taken out of service could be significant.

What are the Risks and Challenges?

Hangars that house single or multiple aircraft all contain a multitude of fire hazards, the most obvious being that aircraft burn fuel in order to operate, and large quantities of jet fuel combined with aircraft maintenance activities present a collection of potential ignition sources. Therefore a suitable fire protection system is an absolute must.

However, hangars present a challenging environment with regards to fire detection. Large doors, high ceilings and obstructions caused by large wings or scaffolding used for maintenance all need to be considered when designing a fire alarm system.

What is the Solution?

While there are many different types of smoke detection available these days there is one type in particular that provides the best solution when it comes to protecting an aircraft hangar from fire.

This solution is video smoke detection. Video smoke detection uses cameras, combined with sophisticated algorithms to detect smoke at the source, providing far earlier detection than most traditional type detectors. Often combined with surveillance systems, smoke or fire can be accurately detected within the camera’s field of view and can be monitored in real time for the event of an alarm, allowing appropriate action to be taken.


Eurofyre’s next generation video smoke and flame detection solution, Videofyre, is a small single channel IP video encoder which has the ability to ascertain the the presence of smoke or flame in a camera’s field of view, made possible by using dependable, advanced algorithms.

VideoFyre is compact and cost effective and can be used with new or existing surveillance systems (analogue video systems only). The video image can accurately pinpoint the location of smoke or flame, providing early warning solution when used as secondary detection and VideoFyre can even be used outside providing fire detection for every area of the property.

Simple configuration of detection areas, sensitivities, exclusion zones, alarm style and video encoding options can be achieved via its straightforward menu style software that can be accessed using any internet browser. Voltage-free alarm and fault contacts are also provided for integration to local fire alarm monitoring systems.

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