The Different Types of Fire Detection


With the wide range of fire detection systems available on the market today, including the demand for wireless technology rising and conventional fire alarm systems becoming more and more advanced, it is important that you are aware of the best types of fire detection to help keep your building safe from fire.


Conventional fire detection systems reliably carry out their purpose of detecting a fire and raising an alarm to make residents, passersby or occupants of the building aware that a fire has broken out and they should evacuate to safety. Conventional systems work by using automatic detectors wired on separate circuits, or “zones”, connected to a central control panel to detect fire.

Eurofyre’s range of conventional fire detection systems

Analogue Addressable

Analogue addressable fire detection also uses automatic detectors that connect to a central fire alarm control panel. However, with analogue addressable fire detection, each devices has its own address or location. This means that when a fire is detected, the exact detector that triggered the fire can be quickly identified.

Analogue addressable fire detection systems are perfect for protecting larger buildings against fire.

Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD)

Aspirating Smoke Detection is ideal for protecting a wide range of environments such as data centres, hotels, apartments, transportation, warehouses and even wind turbines from fire. Aspirating Smoke Detection works by drawing in air through a network of small and unobtrusive pipes. As air flows through the sampling chamber, the detection unit uses a nephelometer to detect the presence of smoke, raising the alarm if smoke is detected.

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Wireless fire detection does not require wiring, making it perfect for installations where wires are unwanted or can’t be incorporated into the building. Wireless fire detection is easy to install and can protect a range of environments, although they are typically used as a temporary or short term solution.


Wi-Fyre offers the best of both worlds as it gives users the opportunity to use wireless technology alongside hardwired. Wi-Fyre was designed in order to eliminate the barrier of having to opt for a complete hardwired or wireless system. Wi-Fyre works by using the key strengths of each to make wireless device integration and control highly flexible.

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Wi-Fyre does not require any special programs, tools or a PC connection to program or commission as it has its own built-in user interface which, together with a survey head or spare wireless detector base, can be used to conduct and complete a pre-requisite wireless site survey.

If you would like to discuss how you can use Wi-Fyre to benefit your fire alarm system, please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1329 835024 or email [email protected] where we would be happy to answer any questions.

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Don’t forget you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ or sign up to our newsletter (in the footer below) to receive all the latest information from Eurofyre.