The Benefits of a Hybrid Fire Detection System


Wireless fire detection is becoming more and more reliable and cost-effective. However, there are still some concerns around completely wireless fire alarm systems: are they reliable, are they affordable and are they secure? Well, one way to reap the benefits of wireless fire detection while mitigating the concerns around a fully wireless system is to combine hardwired and wireless detection technology to form a complete, hybrid fire detection system.

Wi-Fyre allows hardwired and wireless fire detection devices to seamlessly work together to provide a capable, reliable and cost-effective hybrid detection solution.

Wi-Fyre hybrid fire detection comprises of one or more Wi-Fyre Wireless Transponders installed into the fire alarms wiring via a compatible interface module. Each transponder can then communicate with up to thirty mixed field devices such as wireless sounders, wireless detectors, wireless manual call points and wireless input/output devices.

Best of Both Worlds

Wi-Fyre provides the best of both worlds giving system designers the flexibility to use wireless detection technology where they see fit. Wi-Fyre can be used to form part of a new system or to upgrade or extend an existing system, for example, when a building extension requires additional devices. Wireless devices can also be used in outbuildings to report faults or fire in the main building to eliminate the need for channelling or running cables through the air.

Preservation of Aesthetics

Wireless devices don’t need cables. This means field devices can be installed without the need for expensive cable runs and without causing any damage to walls, floors and ceilings. This is particularly important in listed or heritage buildings.

Speed of Installation

No cables mean faster installation. Installing wireless devices is quick and easy. Therefore, it is not necessary to close down parts of a building while devices are installed or replaced and, thus, the operation of the building is not affected and there is no need for any downtime.

Efficient and Effective Upgrades

When upgrading an existing system, wireless devices can be used to speed up the process and do not require any new cables. To make system upgrades even easier, Wi-Fyre has six user-selectable modes of operation to offer increased compatibility with most fire alarm control panels.


Combining hardwired and wireless detection technology means that the system is not entirely dependable on wireless devices. What’s more, Wi-Fyre Transponders actively monitor the battery life of all their connected devices and provide plenty of warning when any batteries require changing. A Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head is also available and must be used to ensure that the signal between the transponder and devices is strong enough for the system to operate effectively.

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