Servicing Fire Detection Systems in Areas of Difficult Access


What do applications such as void spaces, lift shafts, high atriums, warehouses and secure areas all have in common? The answer, is inaccessibility. Maintenance and servicing of fire detection systems is not always given due consideration when the design and positioning of detection devices within a building is finalised and therefore fire detection testing in inaccessible areas can often be overlooked.

So what is the most appropriate detection system for inaccessible areas?

Point detectors are the most common product used in fire detection systems. However, aspirating fire detection systems are being specified by architects, consultants and installers more and more often. Aspirating smoke detection technology can provide the end user with a versatile solution offering flexibility of design, very early warning of fire and discrete detection.

An aspirating smoke detection system works by drawing air from sampled areas, via a network of pipework, back to a localised aspirating smoke detector. The ASD will then send an alarm signal, via an I/O interface, back to the fire alarm control panel. The panel will then make a decision, based on the designed cause & effects, on how to output the alarm signal.

Why is ASD the Best solution?

Recently Eurofyre introduced The Blazer, an automatic aspirating maintenance system designed to interface with our range of ASD products. To complement this unique testing system we have now added the Scorpion ASD tester.

The Scorpion ASD tester is a fixed, automatic remote, functional smoke detector test solution for inaccessible applications. The system comes in two parts; a smoke head generator that is permanently mounted, typically at the end of each sampling pipe run, and a control panel, normally installed next to the ASD or FACP for ease of use.

For further information, please visit the Scorpion product page on our website. The Scorpion is also available in a point smoke detector version.

The demonstration of the Scorpion was carried out at the Eurofyre technical centre using our EF-LASD1 air sampling detection product.